2005 Lonestar Regional Awards, Congratulations all teams!

2005 Texas Lonestar Regional Awards [Friday]

Imagery - 647
Radio Shack Leadership in Control - 1083
Xerox Creativity - 456
Delphi Driving Tomorrows Technology - 57
KPC&B Entrepreneurship - 364
Judges - 476
Website - 148

Also congratulations to team 499 for being recognized on their safety practices today.

Congratulations to those teams who received an award today and good luck to all teams tomorrow!

Sorry i lost the connection to the broadcast for the Animation award and Regional WFA if anyone knows who got those, please post them.

Autodesk Visualization was won by 364, Team Fusion

Regional WFA was the incomparable Lucien Junkin from Team 118, also known as Natchez around these parts.

The alliance selections:

1 - 118, 231, 499
2 - 418, 456, 1621
3 - 57, 364, 660
4 - 1628, 1205, 1421
5 - 624, 695, 1477
6 - 1083, 647, 1255
7 - 1480, 457, 148
8 - 1561, 476, 1326

Here are the alliances (alliance captain in bold) from the webcast, if someone else wants to keep up with the bracket that i set up below feel free to.

#1) 118, 231, 499
#2) 418, 456, 1621
#3) 57, 364, 660
#4) 1628, 1205, 1421
#5) 624, 695, 1477
#6) 1083, 647, 1255
#7) 1480, 457, 148
#8) 1561, 476, 1326

Top 8 undrafted teams (as replacements):
922, 1429, 441, 1484, 1214, 434, 1460, 1296

I said this in another thread, but I might as well put it here, too. If there’s an alliance that can upset the top seed, it will be the fifth-seeded aliiance. 624 is going to cap the center goal in autonomous… I can see it coming. How horrible would it be if, on the last week of regionals, a team finally caps the center goal in autonomous, and then doesn’t get a seat in Atlanta? Here comes the bracket buster.

All this information is from the webcast so it is not offical until it is from FIRST


Quarterfinal 1
Alliance 1 (118, 231, 499 ) vs. Alliance 8 (1561, 476, 1326)
Match 1: 42 to 34
Match 2: 85 to 0
Alliance 1 (118, 231, 499 ) Advances to Semifinals
Alliance 8 (1561, 476, 1326) Eliminated

Quarterfinal 2
Alliance 4 (1628, 1205, 1421) vs. Allaince 5 (624, 695, 1477)
Match 1: 43 to 11
Match 2: 24 to 37
Match 3: 22 to 24
Allaince 5 (624, 695, 1477) Advances to Semifinals
Alliance 4 (1628, 1205, 1421) Eliminated

Quarterfinal 3
Alliance 2 (418, 456, 1621) vs. Alliance 7 (1480, 457, 148)
Match 1: 32 to 31
Match 2: 38 to 25
Alliance 2 (418, 456, 1621) Advances to Semifinals
Alliance 7 (1480, 457, 148) Eliminated

Quarterfinal 4
Alliance 3 (57, 364, 660) vs. Alliance 6 (1083, 647, 1255)
Match 1: 13 to 31 see note 1
Match 2: 26 to 29
Alliance 6 (1083, 647, 1255) Advances to Semifinals
Alliance 3 (57, 364, 660) Eliminated


Semifinal 1 [QF1 v QF 2]
Alliance 1 (118, 231, 499 ) vs. Allaince 5 (624, 695, 1477)
Match 1: 46 to 30
Match 2: 66 to 36
Alliance 1 (118, 231, 499 ) Advances to Finals
Allaince 5 (624, 695, 1477) Eliminated

Semifinal 2 [QF3 v QF4]
Alliance 2 (418, 456, 1621) vs. Alliance 6 (1083, 647, 1255)
Match 1:44 to 13
Match 2:87 to 7
Alliance 2 (418, 456, 1621) Advances to Finals
Alliance 6 (1083, 647, 1255) Eliminated


Alliance 1 (118, 231, 499 ) vs. Alliance 2 (418, 456, 1621)
Match 1:75 to 18
Match 2:38 to 0 **See Note 2
Alliance 1 (118, 231, 499 ) are the 2005 Lonestar Regional Champions
Alliance 2 (418, 456, 1621) are Regional Finalists

Note 1: In Match QF4.1 Team 1255 was assessed a 10 point penalty for excessive ramming to Team 57 which lead to Team 57 tipping over.

Note 2: In Match Final 2, The Blue alliance had a score of 28 points but also recieved two 30 point penalties for interferance in the loading zones.

Congratulations to teams 118, 231, and 499 on being the Lone Star Regional Champions!

Attached is the JPG bracket I generated for the regional based on the webcast and the above text bracket.

2005 Texas Lonestar Regional Awards [Saturday]

GM Industrial Design - 118
Motorola Quality - 231
J&J Sportsmanship Award - 1429
DaimlerChrysler Team Spirit - 1296
Judges’ - 418
Rookie Inspiration - 1642
Rookie All-Star - 1628
Highest Rookie Seed - 1628
Safety - 57
Regional Finalists - 418, 456, 1621
Regional Champions - 118, 231, 499
Engineering Inspiration - 922
Regional Chairman’s - 118

Congratulations to all of the award winners, especially #118!

Thank you so much, but we couldn’t have one the robot competition without the help of our awesome alliance partners. I have to say, it was a great few final rounds. Very competitive teams, and great consistency across all the bots. I’m especially proud of the Brazilian teams… they were so impressive to have an awesome bot, even as a rookie.

And for chairman’s, i love my team and they are such hard workers, They really deserve it… they have worked so hard, thank you guys.

The third team this season that has experience both a regional championship and a regional Chairman’s award.
So I have to ask: Which feels better?

There are (I believe) 5 teams who have won both those awards this year. Only 3 of those teams have won them at the same regional. All 3 of those teams also had a mentor win the Woodie Flowers award at the same regional.

You all were AWESOME, dudes, just AWESOME. I couldn’t take my eyes off your robot when it was on the field. Even though we got knocked out in the semi-finals, it was a pleasure to watch the finals. All wins were well deserved.

And yes, The Brazilians will be forces to watch in the future. I hope they keep coming back to the Lone Star Regional.

Good luck at Nats!

Note 1: In Match QF4.1 Team 1255 was assessed a 10 point penalty for excessive ramming to Team 57 which lead to Team 57 tipping over.

Personally, I wouldn’t have called it excessive, but that’s just me. They were trying to cap the center, and we decided to take advantage of the casters on their front and try to spin them. They just so happened to fall over…


In any case, congrats to 118. I’m disappointed that we never got to play a proper match against you (We lost battery power in the one that was scheduled) because it would have been fun. We wanted to see if we could trap you and your drive system with our strength, but never got the chance. Nevertheless, congratulations, and good luck at nationals.

Edit: Also, tons of thanks to team 1083 and 647 for allowing us the chance to compete with yall. Might not have made it all the way, but hey, semifinals aren’t too bad!

Arms are overrated!

This is a hard call to make. They both feel amazing. Our robot has been weeks of hard work and late nights. I know i put more time and effort into engineering this bot then any year previous. There were weekends that my safety glasses were fused to my head because i was working such long hours. I’ve spent hours upon hours working with the drivers and figuring out our best strategy for success. And it all paid off with winning two regionals… but chairmans has been even more work. The last 4 years I’ve been working with schools, mentoring many teams, interacting with younger potential engineers, and FIRST participants. I’ve been to so many events giving speeches and demos on the Houston Robotics Education Program. It hasn’t all been easy, or fun, but it’s been well worth it all. For me, winning the Chairman’s Award is the ultimate recognition for everything I’ve done the last four years. Winning with the robot on ly represents a few months of work. Chairman’s is what I’ve always been working hard for over the years. I’d like to think that my opinion isn’t biased as i have equal involvement in the chairman and robot efforts of the team. I am the on field coach to the drivers during the matches and i am one of the speakers doing the presentation for the chairman’s judges.

In summary to the question, Winning Chairman’s gives me a better feeling.

I would just like to thank all the teams at the 2005 Lone Star Regional it was a great success and one the most fun FIRST events I have had the please of attending. Many people have been saying that robots looked similar this year but even if that is true the diversity of the people on the teams and the strategy of play made every match different from the next and all very fun. It was great to see teams from different parts of the world and nation, such as the Brazilian teams and the Emoticons from Florida. It was great experience working with them and against all the teams.

I would like to thank team 1083, the Emoticons, and team 1255 for making a great alliance, but most of all for having a great time while we were competing (Can-Can :smiley: ).

I hope to see all the teams that were at Lone Star back again next year and to get more teams from across the nation and the world in Texas to compete at the 2006 Lone Star Regional.

Personally, I would call it excessive because when they fell over it broke their arm, leaving us as the only effective capper on our alliance. 660 was able to deliver a few (1 or 2) tetras after 57 broke, but it was a definate blow to our alliance.

Thanks to 364 and 1255 We had a great time with you guys, I hope to see you next year at Houston…maybe?

Congrats to all teams that attended. Thanks to team 1083 for having me along for the ride and treating me like one of the team. It was an awesome regional and I had a great time in Houston.

Personally, I would call it excessive because when they fell over it broke their arm, leaving us as the only effective capper on our alliance. 660 was able to deliver a few (1 or 2) tetras after 57 broke, but it was a definate blow to our alliance.

I wouldn’t have called it excessive because all they did was push, not ram or anything of the sorts. Although I might be a bit biased, 1255 just tried to spin 57 away from the goal because of their casters upfront and they did fall over, they did not push high, its just the way things go.

We are sorry they broke, this never was our intention we did not mean for them to tip. But as far as being disabled in the second matchif I remember correctly 57 drove straight into a goal during the autonomous mode, and was stuck there for the rest of the match. We broke once and had a dead battery the second match ( an accidental flip flop ) in semi-finals so I can understand your pain.

They were both hard matches that could have gone either way I would like to personally thank 364, 57, and 660 for the great matches. And of course thanks to our alliance partners 647 and 1255 for being such great allies.

Great Regional


Congratulations to all of the teams that went to Lone Star, especially 118. You guys definitely had one of the most original robots I have seen and it was quite an experience competing with and against you. Overall Lone Star was great! The only thing that stuck out to me was it seemed as if the judges didn’t call many of the penalties regarding the loading zones. I saw quite a few teams getting bumped around while getting tetras in the loading zones and were never penalized.

One more thanks to 660 and 57 for an awesome alliance!