2005 Manual Request

Hello CD community. Our team is planning on holding a mock kickoff to get in the mood for this year’s game, and we wanted to use a game that we hadn’t actually played as an example. The only sections of the manual I could find on FIRST’s website were The Game and The Arena sections. All of the links posted here prior seem to now be out of date. If anybody could help out with the other sections of the manual, it would be greatly appreciated!


Gus has it, looked on 45’s archives but they didn’t have it.

Thank you very much!

For anyone that might be looking for older manuals (Pre-2005) check out this old FIRST-a-Holics Page.


All the old manuals from 2002 onwards, and results from 2003 onwards can also be found here.


That was where I went first, but anything before 2006 only has The Arena and The Game sections posted. It’s hard to do a mock kickoff without knowing the rules about the robot.

We used Triple Play last year for our Mock kickoff and I updated the rules to include bumpers and be much closer to the 2012 rules. I don’t find the point in designing for the 2005 rules since they have changed so much since then.

Here is what we used.

I know the rules have changed quite a bit. We are just trying to get some of the rookies a taste of what will come on the 4th (26 new members this year), so it should be a fun learning experience one way or another.

We actually have some of the veteran members working on a new bumper mounting system that will hopefully be quicker to attach and remove this year (let’s hope the rules stay somewhat the same regarding those…)

Make sure to use the video also.

Also if you want some good 2005 match videos Andrew Lynch of the Discobots has some on his https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=(http://www.youtube.com/user/lyncas/videos).

Already got that, can’t have a kickoff without an animation!

I’ll have to check that out. I wanted to look for some examples to show after our strategy and initial design plans come together.

This is actually our first time holding a mock kickoff, as the majority of our members are new to the team (only 16 returning members). It’s our (at least my personal) goal to have a basic design prepared the day of kickoff. In previous years, we have done strategy and basic design ideas on kickoff day, but then design would fall way behind (taking upwards of 2 and a half to 3 weeks just to get a final design down). Our goal this year is to take less time designing, allowing for more time to code and train drivers.