2005 New Years Resolutions

So, in the spirit of the season, it seems that we must focus now on our New Year’s resolutions. I’m sure I’ll think of more in the days to come (I’m much too occupied today with sitting around and eating), but I’ll start us off with a few.

  • Keep up my grades through the 1st semester.
  • Treasure my last season as a high school student in FIRST.
  • Annoy our new Principal less than I have.

In no particular order…

-Keep the grades going. 3.600 first semester.
-Drop fifteen pounds by the Championship (functionally the end of the spring semester), or get back to wearing my size 38 pants comfortably. (I figure that either would be beneficial to my health.)
-Get a job on campus. Like one where I get paid. (After all, I already have an unpaid one.)
-Proceed to help 1293 kick graciously professional butt this season. (Now, I don’t plan on helping the team kick anyone else’s butt–I just want the team to kick generic butt.)

-Raise my grades(taken a dip so far this year)
-Score 1320+ on SAT’s
-Finish learning how to drive my Car and then getting my license.
-Take off 15ish pounds before NJ Regional
-Help win a regional event for team 25, hopefully two.
-Get to Einstein(winning to get there, not just walking on it)
-Go to WPI for the Robotics Summer Program
-Get all other small life problems out of the way before Senior Year

  • Get on the honor roll right now just one class off
  • Get my cum GPA over 2.6
  • Get my year GPA over 2.8
  • Create a new team 121 website
  • Make drive team * ----> then get to the finals of at least 1 event, and acutally win an event…
  • Get into Full Sail University or UAT
  • Join another FIRST team if i go off to college before newyears 2006
  • Make it to as many off-season comps as humanly possible within a day’s driving distance…

Hm, I have a few.

Reach 5’3"! I’m almost there guys! Cheer me on! Note: that is a pre-nats resolution. If I am no 5’3" by then, I need some volunteer stretch people.

Purchase Sims University.

Officially make it into the IU Honors Spain thingy (i.e., get interviewed)

Not attend prom.

Have my research project suceed and make it to State or International Sci Fair.

Buy a chinchilla.

Surpass my record of hugs from Nationals '04.

Do well on the SAT 2005 (silly class of 2006, we get all the bad stuff)

Attend classes during a build/competition season for the first time since I graduated from high school.

Do well in those classes.

Help design and build a cool mechanism this year.

Attend an event that requires travel as a member of a team for the first time since the 2002 season. Maybe even make it to IRI for the first time.

Take a vacation to France and hopefully Monaco sometime this year.

Work in Washington DC, again, this summer.

Continue to help those who are less fortunate than I am.

I need to improve my handwriting so people can read my essay in the SAT’s…


To quit breaking something off on people’s vehicles and than say “Uuuhh…You brough it in here that way.” :smiley:

But seriously now -

It would be healthy to shead a few extra pounds
Move back out of my parent’s house
Get a new Jeep brand vehicle
Maybe pick up a new girlfriend
Shave more often. Beards are cool but itchy
Dye my hair agian
Make it to nationals this year.

That’s pretty much all of it…

Hmm lets see

  1. Have fun in my last months of high school
  2. Go to Nationals (again)
  3. Gain a few pounds
    4.Get rid of my ford and get a Mopar
  1. Have top quality electrical on the robot with really nice wiring.
  2. Use lots of sensors and a have a very good, reliable autonomous code for the robot.
  3. Make sure the robot can turn.
  4. Make sure the robot cannot tip over.

I’m a firm disbeliever in New Year resolutions. Especially since I believe it’s just a way for people to assuage their guilt over holiday excesses, with the resolutions forgotten before tax time rolls around. To me, a resolution is a promise you make, mostly to yourself, and I take promises very seriously. I’m very, very careful in making promises because once I make one, I won’t break it. I’m very stubborn in that. But I see so many people make these resolutions and break them that I can believe nothing other than they are meant to be broken. Now, assuming resolutions are meant to be broken, then I can say I resolve to stop picking on poor Dave…

Now, there are some things I would like to accomplish in 2005, including getting more exercise and writing more as well as getting a gallery of my more creative photos on my website and as soon as build season is over, going house hunting again but this time, hopefully, with more serious results. And if said house hunting is successful, I’ll have a new office to decorate… and of course, I always have the goal of being a better person, being nicer and more patient and such but these are things I would want regardless of the year changing over.


Yes, I do have a list of answers to give to people who ask me directly about my New Year resolutions, including: “To stop giving sarcastic answers to dumb questions.” And it gets worse from there…

Lose another 30 pounds (20 so far, woo-hoo)
Get my Art grade up to an A
Get a job
Have fun
Don’t have a breakdown in the middle of Robotics
Get to nats, one way or the other
Get into college

  • Have fun in College
  • Have more fun in College

Here’s my New Years resolution '05

1.) Pick up my geometry grade…
2.) Get my license…
3.) Try out for driver…
4.) Meet some of my FIRST buds at the web hug (if there is one…)
5.) Have fun without making fun of freshman since I was one last year and keep my patience with 'em.


I’d like to:
–get all my college stuff done
–do well on my SATs
–study for my SATs
–pass Calculus for the second quarter and year
–do well on the AP test.
–get my license before the summer
–get a VP or Pres position on my team for next season.

My New Years Resolutions are:

  1. To be apart of the Drive Team ( be human player like my bro)
  2. Get good ACT’s scores
  3. Study for the ACT’s ( the ACT’s for me are the monday or tuesday i come back from nationals! blah!)
  4. Raise my GPA and class ranking

There are more I just cant think of them right now…

  1. Keep myself from falling too hard (as far as GPA goes; I’m a senior so everything for SAT and GPA is a done deal) so I don’t get denied after getting accepted.
  2. Get good grades in college
  3. Design an awesome robot this year.
  4. Do some research this summer and freshman year (Hopefully in SoCal).
  5. Get actively involved in the Democratic Party. (they have lost, but will win again)
  6. Have some fun (which I haven’t had in years).
  7. Make a Rap CD (its been in the works for two years).