2005 Off Season Competitions - a list of what, when and where

Figured it was about time we started one for this year, so

Competition Name
When is it
Where is it
Team Capactity
Mini-games if any
any other additional information

And like the past, to make things less cluttered, just announce them here. Start a new thread to discuss any one in particular.

June 17 & 18
Harrington Auditorium, WPI
Worcester MA
Team Capacity: current thinking of 42 (may change)
Minigames: TBA

Registration should open on May 1st for those who are not preregistered. http://www.wpi.edu/+battlecry/

Competition Name - Canada’s Wonderland Off Season Event
When is it - September 24, 2005
Where is it - Canada’s Wonderland - Just north of Toronto
Team Capacity - 24
Mini-games if any - none
any other additional information - Cost is $250.00 US, $300.00 CDN and $30.00/person CDN. This gives access to Canada’s Wonderland Saturday and Sunday, access to the event, unlimited rides for both days.

More info will be available at http://www.firstcanadianregional.org/main.php . You can also call Vance Scott and his number is on the contact page of the website.

Competition Name: Mayhem at Merrimack
When is it: June 11th 2005
Where is it: Merrimack High School, Merrimack, NH
Team Capactity: TBA
Mini-games if any : TBA

Only $100 registration fee!

contact me for more information through PM or at georgepe@gmail.com
Registration opens Wed. April 20th!

Competition Name: San Diego Lock-in and Scrimmage
When is it: Lock-in on May 20; Scrimmage on May 21
Where is it: Madison High School (San Diego, CA)
Team Capactity: TBA
Cost: $50 (Lock-in); $100 (Scrimmage). I believe the late fee (past April 20th) is $100- not too sure. So sign up now!

This event is hosted by Team San Diego (whoo hoo)! The lock-in is for teams or individuals who don’t want to drive early Saturday morning to get here. You get to stay overnight and party with Team San Diego… and start with the scrimmage the next day! The doors open at 5pm and lock at 8 pm. We’ll probably have a LAN party, tons of games, movies… food, of course… Meet new people, if you haven’t had as much time in competition, or catch up with some robotics buddies.
The scrimmage matches will start at 9 am.

For more information, contact Mr. Mainieri at rmainer@ucsd.edu . More info should be posted on www.preussrobotics.org.

Hope to see you there!



Sat Aug 13th 2005 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Sun Aug 14th 2005 7:30 AM – 3:00 PM

York County Fairgrounds, York, PA
(Air Conditioned Expo Hall - East)

Action: 24 Teams (Max) - 12 Qualifying matches

Awards: Champion; Finalist; High-Score; #1 Seed
Sportsmanship, Iron Fever (Spirit)

Entry Fee:$150 must be received prior to 15 June 2005

We may be altering some rules to eliminate robot contact.

Make checks payable to:William Penn Robotics Club 225
c/o Lisa Tarman
101 West College Ave York, PA 17403

Contact: Ron Karpinski (443) 421-2782
Team 225

Competition Name: Indiana Robotics Invitational (IRI)
When is it: July 22 and 23 (Friday and Saturday)
Where is it: Indianapolis, IN.
Team Capacity: Unconfirmed (Last year it was 50, I believe)
Mini-games if any: Talent show/Dean Kamen and the Kamen Brothers concert

Contact Chris Fultz if you have any questions.

:slight_smile: Its Official!!!

Ramp Riot 2005

6th Anniversary !!!

Saturday November 5 , 2005
Wissahickon High School ,
Ambler , PA
8:00am - 5:00pm

Preliminary Details:
• Registration Fee $200
• Prizes and Lunchtime Fun
• 2005 Game Rules
• 30 Team Limit

If you would like to be placed on our email contact list or want more information
Contact: Team 341, c/o Alan Ostrow
Email: **aostrow1@comcast.net** Phone: 215-619-8112, ext 2956
Visit: www.team341.com
Please join us!
Email me soon if interested! We usually sell out by early September!

Competition Name :The Capital Clash
When is it: Aug. 27 & 28, 2005
Where is it: Washington Convention Center, Washington DC
Team Capactity: 32
Mini-games if any: TBD
any other additional information: Held in conjunction with the NBC Digital Edge Expo, 35,000+ people expected. Lots of fun stuff to do and see at the Expo. Lots of press.

Brunswick Eruption 4**
Saturday- November 19, 2005**
@ North Brunswick Twp H.S.
Rt 130 so,
North Brunswick, NJ
Hosted by Team 25 Raider Robotix**

Let the TIKIs flow!!!
The Chester Challenge TIKI remains unclaimed- this will be your last chance!

$200 per team

but wait- there’s more!!

For any Pre-Rookie Team using a refurbished and borrowed robot registration is free. For the team that loaned them the robot registration will be $100- Yes- thats half price!!!

Please contact Wayne C (smwonder AT comcast.net) for Registration and Questions.

Competition Name: Mayhem @ the Museum
When is it: July 8th and 9th, 2005
Where is it: Museum of Discovery and Science, Downtown Ft. Lauderdale
Mini-games if any: Vex and FLL

What: Duel on the Delaware 2005

Sponsored by: DuPont, Salem Community College, NASA, FIRST, and
Teams 365 (MOE) and 316 (The LuNaTeCs)

When: Saturday, October 22, 2005
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Where: Salem Community College
DuPont Field House
Carneys Point, New Jersey

Registration: $200/team

The Skinny: - Charity Book Drive, Segways, FLL, VEX
- 2005 Triple Play Rules
- 30 Team Max Limit
- Laughs! Tears! Dancing!

& More Info: http://www.moe365.org/duel2005/duelhome.php

Do the Duel! We Double Dog Dare You! :smiley:

For the 6th year in a row, Team 470 will host an exciting FIRST Demo at the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival. We have a huge tent in which we set up a partial playing field. We invite any and all area teams to come for a morning, afternoon or evening, bring their robot and PR display and take part in demo matches based on this year’s game.

Competition Name (It’s really a Demo): Ypsilanti Heritage Festival
When is it: Friday August 19 - Sunday, August 21, 2005
Where is it: Corner of Cross & River Streets, Depot Town, Ypsilanti, Michigan 48198
Team Capactity: Up to 14 teams over the course of the weekend, in 3 or 4 hour shifts, very flexible. We hope to have two guest teams for each time period. If you want to stay longer, that can be arranged. Some teams are already planning on coming, so sign up soon!

Additional information: We have to pay for the tent, so we are asking each team to chip in $65. You will get table space for your PR display, a little pit space, and a great opportunity to show off your robot and the ideals of FIRST to enthusiastic crowds of all ages. We are trying to arrange low cost or free food for students.

Contacts: Steve Martin, smartin@emich.edu, or me, Virginia Murphy vmurphy@comcast.net

We are also interested in having a FLL Demo at the same time. If you are connected with a FLL team, please let them know about this.

A suggestion: if you haven’t already done so, please add your off-season competitions to the CD calendar (there’s one specifically for off-seasons). That will help teams who are looking at the pre-season months coming up.

(Yep, we’re doin’ it again this year for the 9th time!)

Saturday, October 29, 2005 @ 9:00AM
At MEMORIAL High School
Manchester, NH

NOTE; New venue, New date.
Also, better access, better parking, better pits!

Presented by Manchester High Schools
Central, Memorial, Trinity and West

Program Schedule:

Practice rounds and registration: 8:00 AM to 9:00AM*

Opening ceremonies: 9:00AM sharp!

Year end competition before we do it all over!

Entry fee; $200.00

Make checks payable to River Rage Committee

For further information and to register, call, snail-mail, E-mail etc.:
Ed Forcier @ 94 Lancaster Ave, Manchester, NH 03103-6421
Phone @ 603-666-4741 or E-mail: elf3@grolen.com

Deer Park Invitational
Saturday, September 24, 2005

Deer Park High School
Deer Park, Long Island, NY

limit 18 teams
Fee $250/team
Contact Chuck Burg at cburg@optonline.net to register by Sept. 12 cutoff

9 am Opening ceremonies
9-12 Qualifying matches
12-1 Lunch
1-2 Mentor matchups
2-3 Finals

FIRST field, 3 on 3 regular game format
Trophies for winners and finalists
[font=Verdana]Encourage rookies/pre-teams (can supply robots)[/font]
Mini-matches between mentors/administrators/etc.

The Rah Cha Cha Ruckus 2005 Invitational

Rah Cha Cha Ruckus 2005 Invitational
October 29-30, 2005
Greece Arcadia HS/MS (Greece, NY)
$100 Registration Donation
Based on 2005 Rules

Tentative Schedule:
Friday Setup: setup volunteers welcome
Saturday 8am-6pm Practice & Qualification
Saturday 6pm-9pm Halloween Costume Party
Sunday 8am-12pm Alliance Selection & Finals
Sunday 12pm-4pm Fun Robot Contests

We need field volunteers, Referees, Judges, queing, crowd control, inspectors, the whole nine yards! So let me know if you can come and help!