2005 Palmetto Awards, Congratualtions all teams!

2005 South Carolina Palmetto Regional Awards [Friday]

Imagery - 900
RadioShack Leadership in Control - 1466
Xerox Creativity - 1251
Delphi Driving Tomorrows Technology - 86
KPC&B Entrepreneurship - 301
Judges - 11
Website - 1102
Autodesk Visualization (Animation) - 11
Regional WFA - Mr. Pete Kroner 845

Congratulations to all teams on receiving these awards, and good luck tomorrow!

I heard fellow NJ team 25 is in 1st place right now. Congratulations guys!!! So what were some amazing plays for today at the Palmetto regional? Anything crazy or any really high scores?

GO 1403!!!

Yes, Aroon it is true. 25 is in first place(only team to remain undefeated), just ahead of 312, 1251, and 343. We have had some great matches today. One match we finished with 95 points and another 85. In the 95 point match, we nearly had the national high score. With about 15 seconds left we went to place the final tetra in the far left corner. However the tetra already stacked started to lift off and prevent us from capping. We almost corrected it, but we decided to drop the tetra and take off for the definite 10 points in the home row. With the cap, we wouldve had 32 more points, and a national high score of 127 points, with teams 34 and 1336.
So far the field crew and referees have been doing a tremendous job. Lunch time was bumped up a half an hour and calls have been very consistant.

now my ribs are broken…thx Big Mike…what an awesome first day…lots of great action out there from 25, 34, 11, 343, 1251, 845, 179, 180 and anyone else I forgot to mention…im tired of throwing flags and having to do the referee huddle plz ppl, no more penalties! :cool: (btw…i love carrot top)

p.s. I must say though there was a great game of what I have been told is called “stomp” at the team party, interesting stuff.

Congrats to everyone who won something tonight, and good luck tomorrow!
Way to go 25! Wish I was there…

Interesting you say that. Im not trying to tear down any volunteers, as I’ve volunteered three times this year, and know how demanding it is, but I saw multiple matches in which field attendants did not remove the hanging corner tetras at the end of autonomous. I even saw one team knock it off when they capped it, during human mode, and it remained there the whole match.

Obviously you can’t tell from the webcast, but maybe the referees took note of this and descored it at the end of the match?

If not, those are some pretty big oversights.

FIRST PLACE! OMG!! Congrats guys!! I so have to watch tomorrow. AAAAH I’m so excited!!! Congratulations, keep it up! I’m rootin’ for y’all! <3333

And Also a BIG congratulations to the teams that won all those awards; well done! =) Yay for FIRST.

Way to go 11!!! Autodesk and Judges? I wish i were there to hear the speeches. And 25 is in 1st place? Nice…I think a NJ allaince should be made for the finals and show them all how we do things up North…haha…I will be watching intently tomorrow morning.