2005 RadioShack® Innovation in Control Award!

All i can say is wow! It is wonderful to see RadioShack further their investment in FIRST by representing this award. I am glad to see the expansion among corporate sponsors and i can’t wait to hear of any other joint expansions or collaboration between FIRST and RadioShack.

This is awesome! I’m glad to see Radioshack aboard this year sponsoring this award.

For those of you who have read Mike Nelson’s “Mind Over Matters” - I’m glad Radioshack is on our side :]

I take it that Radioshack is now sponsoring the old Leadership in Control award? Neat.

can someone please explain what “Leadership in Control” means?
my team wan this award yesterday in the regionals in Israel. and im not really sure yet what it means…

From the manual:
9.8.17 Leadership in Control This award celebrates an innovative control system or application of control components to provide unique machine functions.

lol. still i dont understand why we got it or what it practically means.

don’t forget, Radioshack is also the primary sponsor for the pilot event they are hoping to kickoff this year, VEXrobotics, so i guess they also gave some money to FRC also.

Without trying to sound self righteous on behalf of my team, but to enlighten what the award meant for the Finger Lakes Regional winner in Rochester (us) I will share the transcript I received today via e-mail for this particular award.

Innovation in Control
The RadioShack Innovation in Control Award celebrates an innovative control system or application of control components to provide unique machine functions.

The future of robotics competition is here! So long manual interface! Although autonomous mode is now less than 10% of the game, one machine made it so easy, the judges think it’s the wave of the future.

One robot here today could find the tetra, pick it up, find the goal, and position the tetra over the goal - all without human intervention. How, you ask? With automated sensing and actuating, as well as flawless software controls.

The judges know autonomous controls are a complex journey, but this team made it look easy. For successfully taking the challenge to develop an effective autonomous control system,

The RadioShack Innovation in Control Award is presented to team 237 – Sie-H2O-Bots

Our team won it because we had a laptop built into our control box that allowed us to see the dashboard at all times, made recalibration really easy. They also liked the fact we had a “nitrous” button. I didn’t think we were going to win any awards for our OI box, but it was pretty cool anyways.

Our team won the RS award for having a powerful pneumatic arm (I’m paraphrasing from memory here) that was able to score on the 7’ goal despite being pushed by 2 opposing team robots.

Elgin, were did you get the transcript from? I’d like to have the one from our award presentation.

Not to jump in for Elgin here but the transcript he posted was taken from an email that was sent to the head advisor of our team. Our head advisor then forwarded it to all of us on 237. It was sent to us from one of the judges assistants.