2005 Regional WFA Winners

As you can see on the left of the portal, the UFH committee is honoring the 2005 Regional Woodie Flowers Award winners. Check out the page to see all 30 winners. If you have a picture of them, please send it my way. If you have their nomination and want to make it public, please post it in this thread (or send me a link to the off-site nomination). Get to know these people if you don’t already – they all do great things for FIRST.

Dave Lavery won the WFA at Chesapeake Regional.

here are some suggestions for pictures.

this or maybe this one, wait how about this one

::thanks to billfred for finding all these pictures, now I think I am going to run away before Dave gets to me :smiley: ::

There were some mixups on who won where … I think they’re taken care of now.

Don’t fear Dave, fear Heidi.

Congrats to all the winners–now if only I could find time to read some of these essays!

A great picture of Scott Ritchie :]

A picture of LeRoy Nelson, WFFA winner, SoCal regional.

what size do you want the picture?

Large (1024x768 is great). I will crop & resize as necessary.

I have a picture of Tom Ferguson the winner of the New York City WFA. He got to have his pic taken with Dean :slight_smile: I believe the WFA essay was already posted in the other thread.


Here’s a pic of Lucien Junkin, the Lone Star Regional winner, not a big one, but hopefully wont be a problem. link

Matt Driggs: http://beachbot.tripod.com/pictures/IMG_1659.JPG