2005 Robotics Game

After Nationals I decided on a new project, A simulation program of the game this year. It has joystick capabilities and a easy calibration of the joystick. The game only has the capabilityto simulate tetras being pushed under goals now, no capping. We are currently using this Simulation program to teach Robotics Summer Camp students. For more information check the website… Robotics Simulation Program. Heres a direct link to the download, Robo_Sim.zip. Any comments or suggestions please email me (Steve) at [email protected].


Very cool. This is a pretty unique teaching tool. With the joystick compatibility, I suppose that since it is on the computer, it is compatible with USB joysticks, correct?

Yeah usb joysticks will work, but you must make sure you install and calibrate the joystick within windows, before using it in the game.