2005 Rookie Registration

Well, registration is underway, so hopefully sometime soon, we’ll be able to keep count of how many teams there will be this year.

I know in the Rochester NY area, we’re hoping to double the number of teams 8 vets and 8 rookies!!

i am also waiting for this information…this should be a fun season, especally since i might be on co-op

596 might be at Finger Lakes.

the real reason i am looking for this information is that as rit mentors for the rochester area we are going to be doing a series of pre-kick off (october to jan) seminars for rookie and 2nd year teams, covering various topics like programing, team structure, mechanical, etc. give the rookies more of a heads up then just the day of kick off where there is alot of other things that are going through their heads.

More teams for the exhibition!
I don’t think it’ll fit in ET’s gym anymore.

I just got back from demoing for the new Harris-Penfield team.
(Basically, Eric and I played with the 229 robot in their cafeteria all day, picking up chairs and trashcans and such…).

Let me tell you,
If all the Rochester rookies are looking as strong as Harris-Penfield, all us NY veterans are going to have to step it up just to compete! :ahh:

The Finger Lakes Regional, is DEFINITELY the place to be in 2005. :cool:


coughVEGAScough :cool:

If Harris-Penfield end up as strong as Sparx and Finney did in their rookie season then Rochester Robotics has taken another step to reaching the elite status that is seen in the midwest.

Rochester is the new Indiana

New York is the new Indiana.
I hear there is some pretty awesome stuff happening in NYC and Albany too.

Now if we can get some exansion happening in Buffalo and Syracuse.