2005 transmissions

great job by paul and John to design these things. but i find myself here on kickoff night what the specs of those gearboxes are so i can do some calculations.

Check the innovation first site. Also, thanks to Paul and John, these are really great and will raise the level of competition for everyone.

yea, great job!
and by the way, you can tell everyone is real busy just by looking at how everyone is spelling their thread titles. no, im not just picking on you tytus, im just being amused

Page 9 of the Guidelines, Tips and Good Practices pdf. transmissions.
12.75:1 and a nice little chart giving you single and dual motor performance and page 10 shows linking the two transmissions to drive an arm.

The only problem is that they are a little heavy, we drilled 6 - 1/2" holes in each of the big gears and lost just over one pound. It was well worth the time.

When we put our transmissions together our large gear didn’t clear the clips that were placedon the motor shaft. Did anyone else have this problem? :confused:

no it is binding up on the serated clips that hold on the gears on the motor shaft

We have the same problem. The serated clips made a nice grove in the other gear. Probibly not a good thing.

if you have a belt sander run the clip down until there are flush with the gear that they hold on this worked for us

Please refer to Paul’s explanation here: