2005 Triple Play Video: In Portuguese!

Dear Brazilian teams,

Team 383 has been translating, for internal use, the game’s rules animation since FIRST started to release them. This year, however, with 6 teams in Brazil, we asked FIRST’s permission to make the Triple Play video public, and as we were granted permission today (BTW, thanks to Mr. Ken Freitas from FIRST for the quick reply), here’s the video for download.
We added Portuguese subtitles and tried to be as representative of the narrative as possible, as well as having changed units from Imperial to metric whenever necessary.
We hope this video will improve your understanding of the game, and maybe give all your parents a small explanation of all those weird words you’ll be using for the next 6 weeks… Tetras, you say? :ahh:
Here’s the link (Right click and then Save As, because Windows Media usually has problems buffering a 23 MB file)

And to be fair to American teams, here’s a FIRST-related opportunity to learn some Portuguese :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool! Lets do esperanto or klingon next, eh? The universal nerd languages…

good work!! We from Tribotec Team #1382 congratulates your team…

This is awesome.

Even though I don’t speak Portuguese it helped me because I am used to metric units and can’t imagine the fields in imperial units. Thanks a lot.

What program did you guys use for the subtitles?