2005... what is your FIRST resolution?

With just hours left in 2004… a question for you:

Other than participating in FRC 2005, what are you, as an individual, going to do in 2005 to help with Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology?

Just think about it!

Happy New Year!

Aidan (who has been MIA all these months…)

I’m going to try to intern with an engineering firm this summer, establish a Lego League team at my former elementary school, and help out with OCCRA in some way in the fall.

  1. Bring in at least two more people to help as volunteers at Palmetto. (One got into VIMS last night.)

  2. Volunteer at two, hopefully three, events. (Kickoff, Palmetto, ???)

  3. Help guide 1293 to kick graciously professional butt. In a good way.

Not to read anymore game clues before kickoff. IIII am going nnnuuuutttyyy!!! :eek:

I want to be a lot more active on the team :slight_smile: .

Well, with my optical mouse navigation system, my effective resolution will come out to be something like 100 dpf, which isn’t that bad if you consider…


That kind of resolution! Well, I’d like to actually see my grades go UP during the FIRST season, and I’d like to be more active with the programming help forum.

To get FURC into some kind of working state before it comes back to bite me next year.

PS- If anyone knows a lot about writting VMs and/or PIC18 ASM, I’d like to know!

Such emulators already exist if I’m not mistaken. Google away!

1.) attempt to be driver…
2.) teach the freshman what I know, not a lot but still.
3.) learn how to build more “stuff” the right way the first time, so it won’t break…


Start inspiring my three children about science, technology, and engineering by balancing my team time with my home time a whole lot better.

And, give credit where credit is due - our team (and the FIRST community as a whole) has so many FANTASTIC members who need to know how appreciated they are.

Happy New Year!!


My new year’s resolution in FIRST has got to be, without a doubt, to do as much as I can for my team and for FIRST. I want to be able to end this FIRST season saying to myself, “WOW, I really experienced FIRST to the fullest this year.” And of course be happy about it.

Also, I want to be able to really help the team become a team that all the kids (of course including myself) can be proud of. And at the same time I have the hope that FIRST will mean as much to them as it means to me. :slight_smile:

to have a working 0.5 of FURC working and available for everybody to play

  • to have an animation submission for this year (it will be my team’s first)
  • to take dorienne plait to senior prom :smiley: (she lives 3 hours away, still tryin to figure that out :ahh: )
    *]to meet the person above me, franchesca, who i was supposed to meet last year, but never got a chance.

I would like to make a bigger imapct in the world of FIRST outside my team and moreso on the X-Cats and Rochester FIRST.

Welcome back Aidan! Good to hear from you.
My resolution is always the same - To put in more than I take out.
This time, in a new role, it’s on a much more global scale.

Finish writing templates for effective autonomous code for my team

  • Release said code under the GPL for the community
  • Mentor the team from which I’m graduating by e-mail
    *]Find a team in Pittsburgh to mentor before/during the 2006 season

I promised our shop teacher and one of our team mentors, Moe, that before I leave high school we will win Chairman’s… I have struck out 3 times but however I do get one more chance as a senior… We are working so hard on Chairman’s… I don’t know though… There are so many deserving teams… Chairman’s would be more than a dream come true… If we won it then I think my life would be complete… We’ll see I guess…

For a second resolution I think I could settle for a National Championship… hahaha :wink:

Be a volunteer at as many of the events I plan to attend.
(I think this is a New Years Resolution I can actually keep! :smiley: )

My resolution will be something that will help my teammates and myself-Keep learning to stay cool in the pit area even though I feel like throwing what ever I’m working on across the room.
I have one for some other people on my team-If you wan’t to live to see competitions or future seasons, DON’T, I repeat, DON’T tick me off this year.
The last one is more like a threat, but that’s what I have to do to keep people form ticking me off. I’m a very nice person, I swear, I reall am.

6 Days in counting. Good Luck everyone.

My FIRST Resolution:

Try to be better organized and on top of things for my new team while still keeping up my GPA. Somehow I managed to accomplish the second this semester, but I think that a lot of the problems that my team is having right now are because of my lack of knowledge and attention to details that I should notice without them being pointed out to me.

That being said, resolution number 2 is to find another sponsor for our team. Otherwise, it’s going to be a very tough season financially…

My New Years Resolution is to win nationals, anyone wanna help?