2006-2007 FVC Events

Like most everything you read here on CD, this is preliminary and unofficial, but …

I have it on very reliable authority that FVC for the upcoming season

  • is going to have at least 25 events around the US, Canada, and Mexico;
  • is going to have registration open very soon, possibly by the beginning of next week;
  • already has the game developed, and is looking at an online Kickoff date of Sept. 13;
  • is doing a tournament structure much like FLL;
  • has the website under construction, and some tournament dates as well as updated 2006 info will be up shortly (maybe tonight?)

One of the earliest FVC events (maybe the first one?) of the new season will be held Sunday, December 10th 2006 at Florissant Valley Community College, in the St. Louis area. This same venue hosted the first FVC pilot event of last season.

The website is being updated with new information now (thank you, Amanda!) so anyone interested in forming a Vex team for the 2006-2007 season should begin checking there on a regular basis…

Of note: they have updated the FAQ section at http://www.usfirst.org/vex/VexQA.htm which may answer some of your questions for the upcoming season.

More information is just on the horizon, but in my little slice of the FIRST map, look for official FVC events in Delaware (home of one of the original six pilot events) and Northeastern PA (about 2 hours from Philly). There is also a Vex league forming in the Philadelphia region - please pm or email me for information.

Things are in the works here in Connecticut as well. If interested in Vex in CT please let me know.

And bet on Orangeburg returning as well, at around the same mid-FRC-build-season time as last year (the new date escapes me). Whether I will look like I’m shooting lasers out of my eyes remains to be determined.

I might as well jump on this bandwagon and put a plug in for my neck of the woods.

While minor details (like the budgets and date) are still being solidified, we expect to have a formal FVC tournament in Northern Va this season.

Also, another mentor and I are looking forward to collaborating with all interested teams in the area to set up frequent (between 4 and 12 per year) informal competitions (new games/challenges each time).

I am compiling a list of likely area teams (for both purposes). Take 30 seconds to let me know who you are if you are close enough to be interested in either activity. For the informal competitions, I suspect anyone with a kit (and tolerable hygiene :smiley: ) will be welcome.

Also, don’t forget to register interest in forming an official FVC team on the FIRST web site. They are putting that info to good use.


Alright, take back that whole part about the Orangeburg event escaping me. February 9 is the magic day according my sources (and passes the sanity tests of it being a Friday in February, as was FVC Orangeburg in 2006).

Any word on a Florida event? The nearest one to us is Orangeburg, SC (on a Friday :confused: ).

Last year some of the FVC regionals were held on Fridays, yes. The Hartford one was, because it was held in conjunction with the FRC UTC New England Regional and we felt that a Friday date would allow teams to watch the action on the FRC field on Saturday. Plus it helped FRC teams who also had FVC teams not to have it on Saturday. It worked out well to hold it on Friday.

Any thoughts of anything going on in NY!?

Somethin’ VEX related goin’ on at Ra Cha Cha but that’s all I’m aware of right now.

It’s official! We are pleased to be partnering with the University of Hartford, College of Engineering, Technology and Architecture to bring an FVC Championship Tournament to Connecticut on December 16, 2006. The event will be held at the University’s Gengras Student Union. We’re building our new website, so check the FVC Events web page for the link when it’s up and ready. We’ll have team registration info on the site as well as a form for volunteers to sign up. The University campus is beautiful and definitely worth checking out if you’re scouting colleges. www.hartford.edu Hope to see lots of you in Connecticut!

Argh, didn’t notice that there was one in Toronto so early (3 weeks from now). I only got the idea to make my own vex team this week, and now it’s too late.

Does anyone know if there will be vex competitions at the GTR or Waterloo FRC competitions?

Official FVC events are being posted as they are announced at www.usfirst.org/vex/events. C’mon on down to Massachusetts or Connecticut in December - we still have room!