2006 "Aim High" Manual Translated

Brazilian teams Tribotec 1382 and CEPHAS 1860 have worked alongside with one another this year to translate the “Aim High” game manual to Portuguese:

The following chapters can be found in the ZIP download (in PDF):

0 - Introduction
3 - The Arena
4 - The Game
5 - The Robot

> Download them on our team website: www.tribotecteam.com (under the Downloads section)
> Or on the official BRFIRST website: http://www.brfirst.org/central/
> Or on the white-papers section here on Chief Delphi (under MISC)
We’ll upload the rest of the chapters as soon as we get them finished.

Thanks to all of those that helped out…These translations will probably be of greater use to those brazilian teams out there…but even so, take some time and venture into our language if you get the chance :wink:

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :ahh:

I never thought how nice it was not to have to translate all the tournament documentation before reading it!

Trabalho bom. Felicitações.

(I don’t speak Portuguese, that was from Babel Fish.)