2006 Arizona Regional

So everyone. Who’s coming to the regional, maybe we can set up something to all do Thursday night? Its gonna be fun!

1006 is coming, all the way from Canada :slight_smile: We wanted to try something new this year, so Arizona it is! Can’t wait! It’ll be a nice break from the snow I’m sure.

Team 1212 will be there. And we have shirts to trade :slight_smile:

We’ll be coming

Team 234 Cyber Blue will be there and if there is a plan for something to do we will try to participate. A couple of years ago I think Amanda tried to set something up at Castles and Coasters but we had a major thunder storm come through that night. Keep us informed.

I’m really looking forward to seeing so many familiar faces its been a few years in some cases.
Yea, Ill look into that, maybe it still wont rain till then were already at like 92 days with out it.

For any teams attending the Arizona Regional that would like an early look at the competition, I’ve assembled pictures/videos of as many team’s robots as I could on our website. Go to http://www.team498.org and look at the 2005-6 Scouting pictures in the Images section. If anyone has pictures of teams I don’t have, they would be greatly appreciated.

On some of the pics, I get a 404 error page whenever I click it to enlarge.

I’ll try fixing that later today or tommorow. My guess is the picture didn’t upload through the ftp correctly.

The pictures are fixed now, should all be working well.

3 days left!

234 is flying out of Indy tomorrow afternoon and arriving in Phoenix! We’re flying out a day early so we can take a day trip on Wednesday to see the Grand Caynon! :cool:

Sweet! We are leaving by bus at about 10:30 AM PST on Wednesday.

Hope you both have a good trip here! It’s nice weather right now, they’re still slightly thinking rain is possible this weekend, but considering it’s been almost 140 days since the last measurable rain fall, I wouldn’t believe them.

Team 498 will have glowsticks with us again, like last year.

599!!! woot. Yeah, so Sacramento, the second regional we usually go to, is the the same week as Arizona, and the team opted out of Vegas. So… 3pm wednesday afternoon, Arizona here we come. 8 hour bus ride :frowning: . There is a social event at the Science Center i heard. see you guys at the competition.

There is a social at the Arizona Science Center, the entire place is rented out for just teams and volunteers at the Arizona Regional.

See you all there! I’ll be the coach with the blue hair.

And they always have really good food and whatnot to do

See you all there!

I feel kind of stupid
But am I the only one that can’t find the images section in the site???

All I see is the news in the middle, banner on top and sponsors on the left

There should be a navigation bar with the banner on the top. If it’s not viewable, it might be getting blocked by your web browser (I know for some reason Internet Explorer blocks the navigation bar when I use it, and I have to allow access to it so the site can be navigated properly).

Here’s a link directly to the scouting page, you won’t really be able to navigate anywhere else on the site though because this page is supposed to be opened in one of the frames on the main page.

And I’ve been able to add 3 more teams to the scouting section!

2 days left! We’re somewhat disorganized, but I think ready enough.

We have nothing to hide. You may view some more pics of ours on the home page of our website www.team696.com :slight_smile:

BTW, can anyone who’s not attending a regional this week/weekend record the Phoenix webcast for me and somehow get it to me later? I’ll send you a free 25’ serial cable :slight_smile:

I personally dont have any pictures of the finished robot. sorry. just have to wait a couple of days to see it.