2006 Best Robot Match Ever?

A match that was a nail-biter to the end !
A match that was completely dominating by the red/blue alliance!
A match that was all about shooting!
A match where two robots went up against three and the two robot prevail and won.
A match where you feel it was the best match that your team did!

If any of the above matches fits any categories above, tell us about. Also, if you have a video of the match, provide us a link for viewing.


Probably the most exciting match for us would probably have to be our final match against the 1458, 115, and 368 alliance. Our robot (1726) had lost one of it’s treads within seconds of the 2nd period. Basically, we were a bot down with nothing else to do. Luckily, though, we won autonomous, but the other team was playing well too. The match wasn’t going well, but our amazing alliance partner, 852, got right behind us and pushed us onto the ramp. At the end of the match, we had all 3 bots on the platform, and we pulled through with a victory.

Here’s the video of the match: Final Semi-final match

Edit: Had the wrong alliance. Fixed now.

Try to have a clear video if you can, y’all!

SF 1.1 at GTR.

Oooh! Oooh! Oooh!
I got one!

Quarterfinal 1.1 at Wisconsin… The computer malfunctioning had the match restarted 3 times! That definitely put me on the edge of my seat.

Also, the finals at Wisconsin (Wildstang vs. Martian Combo) were great as well.

[Edit] I just remembered what may have been my favorite match at Detroit. It was the third qualifying match, and as it so happened, Team Cosmos #123 ended up without any partners, and was up against 3. They played amazingly well, and just dodged any defense on them and scored some, and them played defense on the other three- It was like watching smash-crash ping-pong as 123 hit and bounced from one robot to another. In the end, they won that match on their own, 20-11.


i say the best match that i have seen this year was the first match of the finals at GTR. 1680,1305,1620 v. 1114,1503,865. 1680 and 1305 just lit up the boards scoring like mad, they beat the power of 1114 and 1503. the next match they broke a drive sprocket and i don’t know if they could fix it or not but they couldn’t move in the rubber match. but that first one was one heck of a match.

haha i take too long typing
another is the 1114,1503,865 alliance v. 229,217,4. all three matched were awesome. i thought division by chicken was going to beat them up after that first match. they just would not stop scoring, except when they were on defence. 1114 and 1503 were scoring like mad too(i think haha) it was awesome. but the last two matches, 1114 and 1503 just smashed them, 865 played some really good defence those two rounds also…yay for 865 (a team i picked in the GTR FF just because they have a 65 in it and they go on to win it all, who would have thunk it)

the best on we were in was either this one at GLR or at GTR. the one at GLR was against…you guessed it…1114 and 1503. the first match we got smoked…bad. but the second, we went out there and lit it up in auto mode…winning it. we then proceeded to just score the 3pt ball like crazy…we still lost but we learned that we can hang with the big timers. the other was at GTR. we go out, win auto mode and just continue to score…scoring 19 balls. thats a lot of poof balls flying through the air. it was awesome.

The finals at SoCal (599, 330 and 995 vs. 968, 1138 and 4) were pretty exciting. In the first match everyone swore it was a blow out after 330 fell over, and that the blue alliance was going to win. Then after the match it took the refs, field crew, scoring officials and even Dave Lavery 20 minutes to determine the final score… a 45-45 tie

Of the 5 regionals I saw, that is my favorite too.
Incredible match, incredible crowd energy. Awesome.

OH my word, chesepeake Q 4-2. It was 341(my team) 484,836 vs. 103,293 1389. We lost the first match. And then we (341) broke before the second match and we didnt tell in enough time to get a replacement bot so we sent in just 484 and 836 to what seemed like an iminant defeat, BUt oh my goodness gracious those two teams fought,hard. and we won 44-42, thanks to a few penalties. THat matc had me falling out of my seat and when we won that was the most amazing things ever, we unforunaty lost the next match but hey, we won a match wit 2 bots. only one was a shooter

There is a lot in this thread.


GTR, SF’s and Finals, hands down

I know it easy to post down match no and where from but if you have actually video, provide the link for us.

Wasn’t it 44-44. I think it was that match took forever to get that score up everyone was bitting their nails because it took so long. That was fun.

i will try to get one of my students to post it but sf match 2 of nj




The deciding tiebreaker, decided by a penalty in the end, with a very exciting ramp squeeze by 1649 and a ramp dash by 710. This was probably my favorite match yet.

At WMR QF Match 3.2
Team 85 (B.O.B.) is a scoring juggernaut, Team 910 (Foley Freze) A strong robot and Team 27 (R.U.S.H.) isn’t half bad (this was the number two aliance) were up against the Number 7 aliance of teams 494 (The Martians), Team 302 (Lake Orion Dragons) and Team 1272 (Tyranikal Makanikal). The number two aliance had already won the first game. The number 7 aliance sent team 1272 to play defense and they sure did. They stopped the number 2 aliance in autonomous, something only the number 4 aliance did in the finals. But that wasn’t what made it amazing. Team 1272 put on a defensive showcase that would have made The MAVERICK’S proud. Not only did they stop all three robots, they were able to push team 85 onto the plexiglass side of the ramp and just left them there suspended above the ground :eek: . I don’t know how they did it but that lead to the number 7 aliance taking the game. The number 2 aliance would win the match however.

WI Qualifying MAtch 5
This was the overall highest scoring match I have seen this year. Team 111 (Wildstang), Team 706, and Team 70 (More Martians) against Team 1625 (Winnovation), Team 494 and team 857 (Superior Roboworks). This was a match like no other. Both aliances played it like it was a finals match, and this was the 5th match on Friday. 4 of these teams would be in the top 2 aliances. Neither Aliance would stop scoring , except for defense. Balls were flying all over the field. Autonomous mode alone had a score higher than some matches. I hope someone has a video of this match because it was an excellent match, especially for a qualifying match.

www.raiderrobotix.org/vids/S._final_3.wmv 38 MB.
DL at your own risk.


does the match have to be from this year? because I know a couple matches in previous years (2004 in particular) that was exhilirating.

Well…I have a few…
At the Trenton Regional, we started one of the final matches 3 times!
Then at the Chesapeake regional, in the semi finals it was us(103), 293, and 1389, and so we started this match and 293 put all of their balls but one through the center goal, and we(103) put all but two balls through the center goal, and 1389 had some balls in too, and so we had like 52+ points in autonomous, and then the worst thing happened…(well not the worst thing) we had to restart the match, we were so upset!!!

The most memorable match for me, and I’d assume, all of 675 was our second match in the elimination rounds at SVR. We were the 8th seeded alliance, against 254, 581 and 766. After the first round, we lost one of our partners(1120) to a broken custom gearbox if I recall correctly. In the second match, 670 joined us, and played a major role in winning that match. 670 played incredible defense against the poofs, allowing us and 256 to score a lot of points on the low goal. We ended up getting the win. The crowd reaction was intense. That match will be remembered for years to come at Tech High.

It seemed that everyone was loving the underdogs that match.