2006 Boston Regional

Who’s going to be at the 2006 Boston Regional? Hope to see a lot of great teams there and some good competition!

I plan to be there as a volunteer.

From what I’ve been hearing it sounds like it will be a well-put-together and fun event!

Team 40 is going to be there, and we are definatly looking forward to it!

1511 will be there!

Looks for lots of red camo !


I’ll be there as a Special Assistant to team 1403.

well i know we are bringin the pink to boston so it should be fun c ya guys there hope to see some awsome designs

I’ll be there Friday through Saturday if all goes well. I’m always busy running around in the pits when my team is at an event, so I hope to get a bit of experience in the “spectator” role :smiley: .

Yeah, we’ll be there. I think this maybe one of the most fun competitions in awhile, team list is hot (not the hottest, but its up there) looks like some cool people are heading up. Have you checked the Judge List?
James Earl Brown III** n/a
** Helen Greiner** Chairman & Co-founder iRobot
** Anette ‘Peko’ Hosoi** MIT Mechanical Engineer
** Bob Metcalfe** Inventor of the Ethernet, Polaris Venture Partners
** Lori Park** Google
** Sandy Pentland** MIT Media Lab
** Ed Starr** President BBN (retired)
** Robert Tinker** President & CEO Concord Consortium
** Liza Vertinsky** Wolf Greenfield
** Saku Vrtilek Harvard Smithsonian
** Steve Wozniak
Co-founder Apple Computer, Wheels of Zeus
** Elizabeth Anne Zimmer **National Museum of Natural History

yeah, its stellar. Hope to see everyone there with their A game, because all the New Jersey teams are bringing it.

Team 549 will be there :slight_smile:

look for the mohawk!

Special indeed Corey, you rock. :cool:

We are really looking forward to this event!

GO 1403!!!

Team 383 will be there as well, looking forward for a great competition!

I’m hoping to make it up to assist Corey as he assists 1403. Should be an awesome regional. Excuse me while I continue begging my parents. :stuck_out_tongue:


Team Paragon (571) will be there bringing our spirit. Look for people in blue wearing capes.

We’re all excited about this new regional event

Beg harder, or I’ll beg for you. I tend to be very pesuasive.

Watch out 233, there might be a new PINK team in the house!! :smiley:
Go Team 1975!!

I’m flying up for Saturday!! I can’t wait!! I’ll be a volunteer for Saturday, it’s gonna be a blast!!

Jay-- I hope your parents let you come!

I’ll be there as a volunteer. Not sure what I’m going to be doing but there nevertheless.

Team 88 will be there…

However I will be there friday and saturday possibly as a volunteer…

lets see whos hotter than lol c ya up there bring the pinkness battle on :yikes:

Team 69, team H.Y.P.E.R. of course is going to be there. I can’t wait for it.