2006 Chairmans Winner, Team 111

Congratulations to Teams 365, 503, 842, the 2006 honorable mentions

But bigger congratulations to Team 111, Wildstang! Two regional CA in the last two years, and you take it all this year.

You guys deserve it, you are an inspiration to all of FIRST!

Congrats to Wildstang on a job well done!

Congratulations to Team 111, Wildstang. Its teams like you inspire other teams to work hard and give back to the community.

Congratulations Wildstang, with everything that you guys did to help us at Wisconsin, I’m glad that you were rewarded!

Congratulations also to all of the other nominees this year. What a batch the judges had to pick from!

Congrats to everyone on 111, Wildstang. True inspiration always comes from you all. Wildstang truely deserves to be our 2006 National Chairmans Award Winners.

Congratulations Dan, Al, Raul, Dave, Dave, all the mentors I didn’t mention, parents, supporters, and most importantly the hundreds of 111 students past and present. John Abele said it best. Thank you “for doing so much for so long.”

Congratulations, Wildstang! Well earned recognition of sustained contribution to FIRST.

I worked with Dave, Dave, and Mike on DaVinci this week, using a field controller that they had pretty much created mid-season for FVC. I only heard the foghorn once–and that could’ve easily been something else. These mentors alone are a great asset to FIRST–if any of their abilities at all rubbed off, they’d have a heck of a team. Obviously, they succeeded in going a bit past any at all.

Wildstang, I [strike]think I[/strike] love you.

Congrats! You are an inspiration to us all!

Wildstang can’t be tamed….never stop. Keep up the great work. Congratulations. You inspire us.

Wild stang… you make my heart sing…

Congratulations to all Wildstang team members, past and present. The HOT Team has admired you since our very first regional in Chicago in 1997. You have been and are an inspiration to us all.

I would like to welcome you to the Hall of Fame and say a special welcome to the HOT Team’s new next door neighbors.

Now enjoy your year with the Clock!!!

Well deserved. Congrats you guys. Hopefully one day 66 will be with you guys in the hall of fame.

I don’t know of a more deserving team. Well timed too. Now 648 has a chance at the CA in MWR next year. :wink: Thanks for helping us the past years too. Wildstang is… undoubtedly my FAVORITE FIRST team… in close second is every other team in FIRST.

Awesome work 111! Can I have one of your shirts?

Way to show what all FIRST teams should be like, congratulations for winning it all. Many people say “That is a great team” based on a robot that does well in competition, but this champion not only has a great robot, but a superb team. I wore my 111 shirt on the bus ride home to show the wildstang colors… um, all of them. Behold the true colors of FIRST- Tie dye!

edit: i was also wearing my 25 shirt, making myself a colorful eyesore in convenience stores at stops on the way home.

Congratulations 111!

In many, many ways, Wildstang is a true model FIRST team. Not only have they inspired an amazing number of students from their team to contiue on to college and support FIRST, but they have inspired virtually all other FIRST teams to raise their game - both on and off the field. Congratulations - Wildstang truly embodies what the Chairmans Award is all about.

I was looking forward to the National Chairman’s Award all year. It may be one award that I can guarantee my team will not win. (Although we did all start laughing when they said “responsible citizens” as it is our beaten-to-death school mission statement.) At any regional and especially at the Nationals, I love hearing who won the Chairman’s Award. It is so awesome.

Congratulations to Team 111 on all of your success this year. And welcome to the FIRST Hall of Fame. :slight_smile: