2006 Chesapeake Regional Feedback!

The Chesapeake Regional Committee would like to hear from you!!

What went right? What did not?

Please help us make the Chesapeake Regional even better next year.

Thanks and we look forward to your comments.

The regional was absolutely amazing, overall. There are just too many strong points about it. However, I do have some suggestions for next year

    • 2 playing fields (Chesapeake is becoming a SuperRegional of sourts)
    • an actual social (though a lot teams piece-mealed together social events, we need a social like either on campus or something to which everyone went)
    • (in my dreams) - needs to be webcasted (unfortunately, it won’t happen for Homeland Security purposes)

There was no social this year because there was no sponsor. Send ideas!
I don’t believe that security has anything to do with webcast or lack thereof. Has been webcast in previous years, and NASA TV. NASA had many regionals to cover this year, and redirected.
Thanks for your comments.

All Main Team contacts received this email yesterday.

You are invited to the FIRST Team Forum for the Chesapeake Regional

• Date: Wednesday May 17th 2006
• Time: 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Pizza dinner will be provided
• Where: TESSCO Technologies
The Atrium Building (TAB)
375 W. Padonia Rd.
Timonium MD 21093
• TESSCO is on the Light Rail line and off Route 83-Padonia Rd, just north of the Baltimore Beltway.
• Directions: http://www.tessco.com/yts/careers/locations/index.html

• RSVP-up to 2 adult mentors per team:
Jenny Beatty, FIRST Senior Mentor
[email protected]

Team Forums are a facilitated feedback session set up to hear from FIRST adult mentors and to deliver questions and concerns back to FIRST. FIRST will provide the agenda to be discussed. In addition, the local committee may collect information on the Chesapeake Regional. This is the only Team Forum to be held in Maryland or Washington DC this year.


The Regional was GREAT!!!, and well worth our 350+ miles to get there the past two years. Lighting gave a lot of teams problems with the vision system, even after changing calibration codes. Kudos especially to the people running the practice fields. They got a lot of teams onto the practice field, and really helped us improve our autonomous code. It reminds me of the way it used to be in New Hamphire when FIRST was a lot smaller. Lastly, congratulate all of the Naval Academy support staff, especially the food workers, who provided great eats at a reasonable price, unlike many of the venues we have attended elsewhere. Am looking forward to atending again next year, and looking forward to seeing Teams 1629 and 1184 in Atlanta. I think they are both in Curie Division with us.

I’d rather play with them, then against them.

Jim Hodrinsky, Retired Tech Ed teacher - Mentor
Team 175, BuzzRobotics :slight_smile: