2006 Chief Delphi Web Hug!

It’s that time again. Time for everybody to come face to face and get out from behind those monitors, keyboards, and thousands of miles of Internet.

What: 2006 Chief Delphi Web Hug
When: Thursday, April 27, 2006 12:00 Noon
Where: Courtyard between Hall C and the Dome. (map; the big orange/black 47)
Who: You have a forum account? You’re invited.

Mike Martus (from Chief Delphi) will give a quick hello, let people meet & greet, share some statistics and hand out some goodies. It shouldn’t take too long (15-20 minutes).

This year, again, we will be having a raffle. It will work the same way as last year. Starting tonight at Midnight (Eastern) we will be giving away 15 raffle tickets each hour. You may get one this coming week, and one next week, for a total of two chances to win. You’ll see the link show up top above the spotlight – it will show for 1 minute (the 47th minute of each hour). We’ll be picking the winners before the webhug, to save some time, but you must be present to win, and pick up your prize – a limited edition 2006 web hug t-shirt.

People have mentioned that in the past they forgot about the webhug because Thursday is a very busy day. So, again like last year, you can get a text message reminder. Go into your user cp, click Text Mesasge Reminders and set up your reminder.

If you don’t know what the Web Hug is, and want to learn about previous years, see these links:

photos: webhug photos
info: 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001

Wouldn’t miss it for anything. Can’t wait to meet new faces and see old friends again.

w00t! I’ll be there! :smiley:

I’ve been waiting for this announcement! Looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Finally!!! I love hugs.

yes! mabye il fianly get a shirt now

If I make it to Atlanta this year, I’m so there.

Yes, I will be making my first appearence at the Championships! Can’t wait to see all the members!

Awesome… I will be attending again this year!
Webhug number umm… 3 for me in 5 years.

See you all there!

Oh, and if you are going to the webhug, upload a pic of yourself here on CD before the time ATL comes around so we all know who you are.

I was wondering when this thread would start.

I’ll be there providing I’m not fixing anything during lunch, which is what I’m usually doing on Thursday.

yessss… psyched

Definetly coming. I wouldn’t miss it for…lunch!

Brandon, Thanks for the reminder feature again, that thing is great. Its the only reason I remembered last year.


1.) If I’m going for sure
2.) When my flight gets in

I’ll see what I can do…

It will be an excellent break from driving for me. At least Thursdays are significantly less hectic :smiley:

Speaking of my number one reason for fixing things through the lunch break… :rolleyes:

Last year was fun, I’m definetly going again, no more long user name though…

What was more fun last year?](http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/21436)

Something better will happen this year though…

Sharpieing Corey, fo sho’

Maaan… I missed that stuff last year. I think that my name was called for a raffle shirt too. This year, the “Bill and Andy Show” in the FIRST Conference sessions is from 10-10:45 on Thursday, and not at noon. I will not miss the hug.

Andy B.

I’ll be there with this year’s Fantasy FIRST awrd t-shirt for everyone to sign.