2006 F.I.R.S.T video

Does anyone have any video showing the spirit of FIRST from competitions or the Championship. I am working on a video for our banquet and would like to include a video of F.I.R.S.T, more like a promo video about this year.


When do you need it by?

i totally agree this would be cool to have for almost anyone that needs somethin to show to get more people involved… i would also like a copy… great idea freddy

Could I get a copy too? I’m switching to a rookie team next year and need some promo stuff to help get the parents/school system more active

i’d love a copy too

When do you need it by?

By this Sunday, I am finishing the video this weekend.

Ehhh sorry then nvm. If you had a few weeks I would’ve had a FIRST documentary for ya.

Good luck with your video!

can you still make the video and post it up here for the rest of us? It would be a great help… thanks

I’ve got a video online HERE, but it’s mainly about my team (971) so I don’t know how applicable it is. Feel free to use any of the clips, just give me credit.

Note: The video is 47 MB (YAY CHIEF DELPHI!) and is in a wmv format. I can get an AVI and FLV format for people who want it, just PM me.

If someone makes the promotional movie about FIRST, I’d lie a copy too, so I could use it for our incomming freshman. Thanks!

Sign me up as well!

Anyone have a copy of that promo DVD FIRST sent out last year?

I will be glad to post it for everyone when its done (my friend’s making it for our TV class…mines on Video Game Addiction :stuck_out_tongue: )…it should be done early June.

If anything…I’ll get the montage of people saying “one word to describe FIRST” for everyone.

Here is a video made by Team 612, to inspire new people to join our team. The first 5 minutes are actually sort of about FIRST, but after that, it all becomes about our team. Feel free to use any of those clips, and if you need anymore help, please do let me know.


ps The actual size fo the video is 560mb :ahh:

has some archived video.
Also FIRST has “2006 compilation CD” containing promo pieces, and news clips.

Also FIRST has “2006 compilation CD” containing promo pieces, and news clips.

Is this out yet? Just wondering.

I was wondering if anyone had a DVD copy of the “FIRST 2006 Promo Video” that they are willing to mail me. I will pay for shipping and handling.

I try downloading it off of Team 191 Video Archive but got a distorted image throughout the entire video.


Other than the one to be made and due around June if anyone has a video promoting first, it would be very helpful for getting sponsers, and new members. So i would like a copy.Please :smiley:

There are videos here:


I will soon be adding more videos and news casts from the 2006 season. (Just waiting for school to get out so I have time to update stuff)

Does anyone have a digital copy of the Championship Wrap Video that they played after Wildstang won the Chairman’s Award? I was hoping to get a copy of that, and I didn’t see it on SOAP.

If anyone has any videos that you think should be shared with anyone else i can put it up on http://videos.teamthrust.us/ .

Just send me a PM on here and i will get you an email address you can send it to or an FTP account.