2006 Finger Lakes Regional

Who’s going? Who might be going? Who’s excited? I know I am.

Who wouldn’t be excited?
FLR 2005 was one of the best events I’ve attended. I know I’m planning on making the trip up from Texas to see what those crazy Rochester teams have in 2006.

Finger Lakes? Water ? What’s up? Is Christine coming? Can I bring whipped cream?

I’ll be there for sure!!!

I’m warming up my vocal muscles for the Karaoke. Poor students walking in the halls…

You just reminded me to get in touch with someone about something… This is going to rock.


I’ll be there along with a large group of 1511 members!!!

and we are all very excited about this year!

Last year was a blast and we are looking forward to seeing all the same teams back, plus some new teams!!!

FLR Rocks! We wouldn’t miss it :slight_smile:


As much as i would like to…I don’t think I am going to make it this year.

But then again…you never know :wink:

Anyone from Cambridge/Boston want to take me? :slight_smile:

RIT is two miles from my office

I think I can make it :^)

Hmmm… whipped cream… I’m on it!

We still have pictures of that.I am pretty sure she posted some on the gallery

what?!!? Greg isn’t coming? Thats too bad. Will you be at champs?

I am going, with my team of course. This year is indeed gonna ROCK!

Does this mean there wont be any cut out pictures of a certain team leader?

just because i probably wont be there doesn’t mean that the cardboard wont be there :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally won’t make it this year,(still live in California) but if things go as planned, I’ve got no excuse to not be there next year.(already accepted to RIT, just need to find the money)

Oh come on Steve!! We cant have as much fun at FLR as we did at Ruckus… why would we call it a Ruckus then!!! :smiley:

JK, its gonna be great :slight_smile: Rumor has it we are getting the cool announcers :slight_smile:

Hmm… I was packing up my apartment the other night, and in my giant FIRST collection I found a button of a certain team leader with a twizzler… something about fearless?? :eek:

of course i shall be there, isn’t that why everyone is coming to see me? :]

I am gunna be there!!
Wo0t, Its exciting too!!

Everyone come say hi to me. Its an order :p… fine, only if you want to.

Holla Back to that! Ruckus was awesome! There was always something going on. and there was a pretty good turn out.

The Duct Tape Bandits - 467 - will be there!

For it’s first year doing the FRC in 2005, the Gordon Field House at Rochester Institute of technology was a great venue.

  1. Good-sized pit area and space to queue-up for matches
  2. Great mosh pit for dancing at one end of the field
  3. Great seating on both “long-sides” of the field
  4. Great music, great MC’s, great campus food, etc.

Looking forward to MUCH MORE of the same this year.

And, if the Rochester weather holds true, maybe the 'bots can startup their own snowball cannon fight in the parking lot…ha, ha. But human players are NOT allowed to throw snowballs on campus…definately not GP as a guest of the university.

See y’all there. All rookie teams MUST stop by Team 1511 Rolling Thunder pit for special meet & greet!

I will be there thisyear. ROOKIE year for TEam 1930 Delta Force will rock. Its going to be great meeting all of you. I definally will be at that social greeting with Team 1511 Rolling Thunder. I wouldn’t miss it.