2006 Florida Regional

so whos goin hopin to have some fun :smiley:

Platinum Dragons are ready to rock… can’t wait to see what Pink and Swamp come up with this year… =)

I hope to be there, finances permitting.

Looks like it’ll be a heck of a regional, judging from the list of teams coming.

1251 is IN da house.

We are up for all kinds of fun :wink:

Both of my teams can’t wait. But which pit will I be found in? perhaps I should spin off of Amanda and have a “find Barry in Orlando” game… Or not. See you all there!

Team 343 “Metal in Motion” will certainly miss coming south to the Florida Regional this year. We are headed north to the VCU instead. The Florida event is always fun and we will certainly miss competing in this outstanding regional. Good luck to everyone this year. :smiley:

Well last year RamTech did go to the Long Island regionals in New York, but this year we’re gonna go to the Florida Regional like we usually do. Cant wait, this is gonna be so much fun :slight_smile:

If you need a place to stay, I have a pull-out couch in my new apartment. =-]

Like every year, this year’s UCF regional promises to be the most competetive of all.

i can’t wait. this is my first year not working as a student. so i get to run around and see what’s going on. i can’t be there for practice rounds and friday morning but i’ll be there eventually and i can’t wait!

good luck to all teams!!

and to my buddies I’M COMING!!! (i’m pretty sure you’ll see me…a great way to start off spring break :smiley: )

i’m gonna miss 343 though…always fun talking w/ you all about your bot and working with you. it’s gonna be an interesting competition that’s for sure!

I hope you mean 343. Unless the Burning Magnetos did something and I missed the memo, that is. :wink:

ya… i fixed that… i realized that in class this morning i typed wrong 1/2 alseep…

but i love 342 and 343… such great teams! :slight_smile:

I’ll see ya there.
Good-looking females, be ready.

hah good lookin girls and you double hah just kidding bro hope to meet you all there

Heh yea I was just kidding around a little. This is my first year actually attending the competition. I’m excited!

np dude its is alot of fun you will enjoy it… you will find that their is such thing as gracious professionalism which might be hard to believer but it is real. well just look for the kid in pink with the fork pin with a picture of a fork in his bandanna its nice meetin people lol :cool:

I cant wait this year. I am uspet that i cant volunteer this year, but i will def be there to see some old friends and some good ol competition. Always love the Florida regional some great competiton

We can’t wait to get to the warm air.

see you there

Warm air for sure, but lately its been getting down into the 40’s on some nights. SOOO COLD :frowning:

1902 Exploding Bacon ( Rookie Team )will be at UCF this year and looking to rumble. :slight_smile:

And for all of you who love the construction there is about 4 times as much around the arena this year compared to last year. So yee be warned.

But on a side note what they are building is a brand new bigger arena right next to the old one. So rumors of super regional are flying around? could it be true in years to come?

Team 357, Royal Assault will there!

This will be our first trip to the Florida Regional.

Hope to be bringing Jester Drive v 2.

CAN’T WAIT !! :smiley:

Team 234 will miss the lovely weather and competition down in Florida this year. Last year was our first year attending and we decided this year to go a bit of a different route. We will be going to Phoenix, Grand Rapids, and Nationals. Hope to see some of you there!