2006 FRC Team Update 12

The 2006 FRC Team Update 12 is now available on the Team Updates page or directly at Team Update 12.

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“Contact with a titled robot such that the contact is outside the bumper zone will generally be considered incidental”

  1. whats titled mean? already on its side or on the ramp as in on an angle?
  2. i doubt that would be “incidental” in that case it would sound like they are TRYING to tip the bot… /shrug…

oh well a lot of needed explantions were made good job FIRST

Extreme jumping, sitting
or standing on the shoulders of another human player, or any behavior that is
potentially hazardous to the team members or field personnel, or damaging to the
robots, will be considered a violation of Rule <S01>.

No standing on other Human Players shoulders, Darn now we need to rethink our strategy. :rolleyes:

But on a serious note I was kind of expecting some of these rule changes.

I think FIRST is just saying that robots will hit each other and that they usually won’t assess penalties. Basically they’ll be judging just like they have been in the past, just that they’d prefer if you hit in the bumper zone, which most teams will probably do a good job of adhering to. The tilted part just refers to somebody playing defense on a robot trying to get up a ramp. Their robot is going to be tilted there is no way to get around it so FIRST is saying its okay to having pushing matches even when one robot is on a ramp. Something which I know my team assumed when designing the robot(not that there is a whole lot you can do about it.)

is 90 degrees also considered tilted? If a robot falls over its ok to push it around, no requirement to push it by ITS bumpers only?

That would make sense to me. Having a robot become more or less untouchable just because it falls over would make for a pretty lame competition.

Anyone remember the game of 1999 - when you had to get up on the ‘puck’ at the end to score extra points? Holy cow, the pushing and shoving matches that happened in the playoff rounds that year. Some robots literally dragged opponents off the puck with arms and grabbers. Made for one heck of a spectator sport that year.