2006 FRC Team Update 16

The 2006 FRC Team Update 16 is now available on the Team Updates page or directly at Team Update 16.

This is just a friendly reminder also to expect Team Updates to be released (if necessary) on Tuesdays and Fridays and also when needed immediately. For faster answers to direct questions you may have on rules please use the 2006 FIRST Q&A System.

Wow, I’m surprised no one has commented on this one yet! Lots of new info for programmers!

Interesting thing about this update is what is not in it. First made no update or comment on the increasingly ruff defensive play that started to show up at last weeks regionals. No comment leads me to believe that First finds the play acceptable. First teams are you ready to rumble!


Concur with Dj, CD was all over this bug long before IFI.