2006 FVC Game field photos?

I know it may be early to ask this but does anyone have any photos of the hangin-a-round game field im currently out of ideas and mabey seeing a real field will help

I haven’t seen any photos of the Hangin’-A-Round field in the metal, but you might profit from a nice wide shot (try http://www2.usfirst.org/vex/2006/2006_FVC_One_Page_Description.pdf ) or the game animation.

Or, alternatively, build some mock-ups of the parts. You can build the goals, both low and high, for about the price of a couple of twelve-packs of Mountain Dew (hint: when it says Lexan, think hardboard or luan), and the center structure can be made for cheap as well. Look here for the field Bill of Materials and some options for low-cost fields.

thank you i might have to make a run to home depot tommarow…

and a twelve pack of mountain dew doesn’t to bad either

What is Laun

You mean luan… Luan is a lighter, and cheaper, wood product than plywood.

Plywood is made up of 3, 5, or 7 plys of wood shaved off a log and glued together with each layer having the grain running in opposite directions for strength and stability.

Luan is made up of two outer layers of wood shaved similar to plywood. The big difference is the core of the product which seems to be an end grain slice of wood which is just a filler to make the product the appropriate thickness but doesn’t add much strength. Luan is generally made of softer wood than plywood, but is has a much smoother, sanded, surface than plywood.

Bottom line, its cheaper than 1/4" plywood, smoother surface, and strong enough for Vex. :slight_smile:

I just posted pics of the official field that was debuted yesterday - should be up on CD as soon as approved.