2006 game poll #1 (field size)

Ok, with less than 50 days until kickoff, now’s the time to put your VOTE wherever your keyboard fingers will lead you. Here are 10 things we all are dying to know about the game based on the rumors, hints, etc being scattered around the CD site.

I think FIRST will use the same size fields this year do to the fact that there are so many teams this year and a 3 V 3 game allows a lot more matches in the same amount of time. anything smaller would, in my opinion, lead to more dameage, and less matches. On the opposite side of the spectrum, FIRST already has these fields and they worked fo 3 V 3, so unless it goes to 4 V 4 they don’t really need a larger area.


Wow, a four vs. four would be awesome, a little more hectic with less time between matches and more bashing into robots, but schweet.

For those you out there that do not already know, I found out by freak accident/not knowing much about programming/radio transmission stuff, that there is a green light on the LED reflector thingy. I think there would be a way to have 2vs2vs2 on a field with the same area as the 05 field but more of a octagon or hexagon shape to it.

One of our team members thought that he had seen the green light as well and wrote to IFI inquring about it. As it turns out, his suspicions were confirmed, but not in terms of extra-team usage. It would be an interesting concept to have more than just red vs. blue.

Doesn’t green reflect some aspect of the status of the robot? Or something like that… maybe it was the rate at which they flashed.

Hmmmm, I recently destroyerrrr… took apart an LED (2004 LED) in an attempt to flash it separately, and didn’t notice the green LED. As I thought it was, blue wire powered blue LED, red powered red, orange oscillated the lights, and green was ground. Four wires total, right? Or maybe five, I was too busy with the wire strippers.

Voltage to both red and blue does not make green however. It kinda makes a weird purple color actually.2005 LED’s must have it new. Interesting…

Many of our programers saw green lights flashing once in a while and i didnt believe it until i saw it for my self.

2vs2vs2 would be pretty intersting to see. Imagine finals at Championchip with 3 sides!

Heck, for all we know it could just be cheaper to buy one type of LED panel thing that has a red, blue and green on it. Instead of buying a more expensive one with the 2 colors. But, ya never know, Dave’s out to mess with our heads…:]

ok so now the question is…if, for example, it’s a hex field…what poll option is that? It may be the same area, but different length/width dimensions…is that choice one or two?

Having seen many venues and knowing the field cost I predict the same size as 2005 or the size of the 2004 field. The field will also be rectangular.

I think it is unlikely FIRST will change the field size just because of cost and the space available in many regionals so it will most likely be about the same size of 2005.

just my $0.02


I voted smaller, and if the option was available I would say it is going to be neither square, nor rectangular.

Just a guess.

Actually, scratch that, I am leaning a lot more toward square, and less toward rectangular.

is that an educated guess or a random one? :wink:

Well, after seeing the game hint I’m starting to lean towards a pentagonal field. 5 'bots, 5 corners. I dunno. That’s what I would do at least, because it looks more organized and I’ve got OCD.

Ouch an OCD and being in FIRST …good luck with that.

I dont think square would be fit…becuase it would probably get shorter not wider and lose alot of play area

Yes same here That would be cool if some what more hectic

Our light was blinking green during most of our preseason demos this year. Noone ever thought about using for a 2v2v2 game though.

Well in 2005 there was 6 'bots and 4 corners, so you never know.