2006 Game Thread

Well, we’re all excited since tommorow is kickoff for the 2005 game followed by 6 intense weeks of design and building of our robots… followed by weeks and weeks of competition. Weeks of lack of sleep and numb minds. So, I figured… why not get a head start and start preparing for next year. What do you guys think the 2006 game will consist of?

Water game!

There will be a flying robot. It may only be ground effect, but there will be one that will fly.


So I see it only took ONE post for “water game” to show up in this thread. I think it must be a requirement that every game design thread have this somewhere.

Don’t you think it is sorta early to begin talking about the 2006 game when we have not even started the 2005 one?

Anyway Aignam, you have got it all wrong, in 2006 we are going to have orange Kool-Aid from which all of our robots will have to take nearly 75% of their energy from!

I don’t know why this cracked me up so much… but it’s just so… typical. Hillarious for someone without a lot of sleep like me.


A dozen or so small swarmbots need to accomplish a task in the given time rather than one big robot.

With inflatable clowns…of course.

We’ll be competing on popcorn again. It’s “retro”.

If there was ever a thread that deserved a :rolleyes: this is definately it.

And let’s not forget the Krispy Kremes…

I see a game that I will spend the week before reading 500 some odd posts trying to figure out what some cryptic clue means such as, “the left footed elephant walked around on Abe Lincolns hat to reach a velocity of 12 feet per second”

Oh well, I’m certainly looking forward to it!

come on it is to early for this.

American Idol for robots and nerds.

Better get those text to speech programs running!

I have a feeling next year, the competition will involve submarine robots that need to fish out rings at the bottom of a tank of green Jello. It’ll be hard to see, so teams will need cameras mounted on the robot and a little monitor on the controls to see what’s goin on… yeah I’m positive thats it.

In the future, FIRST will make teams build robots that move with legs. Or maybe you’ll see one this year… who knows what 1474 is gonna cook up this year MUAHAHAHA! :cool:

lol yeah right :rolleyes:


I’m amazed at you people! Why haven’t hamster-powered robots been mentioned yet? It would completely revolutionize the game. Think about it…

Hamsters have been specifically disallowed as power sources for the past two years. :rolleyes:

It would make things interesting though…


I think footballs will somehow be involved.

Oh man, I can SO turn that into a game!!! 2006 here we come! :slight_smile:


Bad Dave!
No Krispy Kreams for you! :smiley: