2006 Game three worded story.

Okay, last year there was a three-worded story, it is still around, and rather long, I thought that since its a new season and a new game, we shuld start a new story :slight_smile:

So the rules:

You can only post THREE WORDS.
Try to wait between posting, so others can mix it up.
Try to be witty and robotics based! :slight_smile:

Sometime before Championship I will take everything that is said and type it all into a word document so that we can all see the wonderful story that came to be :slight_smile:

So I will start!

At the kickoff,**

while waiting for

breakfast to be

cooked, I suddenly

remembered I’d forgotten

my wire strippers

. I just couldn’t

live without them.

I had to…

run back home

For my pants (which had the stripers in them)

but found someone…

in robotics, named

Jack!!! (thats right Ashley, its me.) Who said…

My God! You’ve…

gotten far shorter!

How have you

robotically started your…

Face replacement. I

never thought that…