2006 GLR Thanks & Congratulations

I’m still regrouping from the weekend, so excuse me for the lack of coherence. In some disjointed order…

Team 68 – You were the one team that we were constantly afraid of. That semifinal match up was incredibly intense. You guys played some of the best defense that I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to see you again in Waterloo.

Team 469 – You guys will be rockstars at the championship. For those who weren’t at the event, this team was being pushing horizontally across the field, but their camera aimed turret kept adapting, and they hit four shots on the move. You gave us a great run.

To every team that offered us assistance with our treads. It’s great to see that FIRST teams are always willing to help each other out, even in the heat of competition. As for the actual problem with the treads, we think we have it figured out, and should be fine for Waterloo.

To all the volunteers and staff of the event. Thanks for keeping the event up and running, in spite of a horrible scoring system. The fact that you kept on schedule, even with all the ridiculous problems was a testament to your abilities.

Team 67 – Never in my wildest dreams did I think we’d get an alliance of 1503, 1114 and you. This was the strongest alliance I’ve ever been a part of. I still can’t believe that you were available to us. I guess teams forgot that success breads success. In the finals you played amazing defense, and cleared all the space we needed. It was a virtuoso performance. I hope we can work together again sometime.

This was an amazing weekend for the NiagaraFIRST triplets, thanks to all that cheered us on and supported us. See you in Waterloo, Toronto or Atlanta.

Man you guys are soooo good. i cant wait for the rematch at GTR. see you there

Congratulations to 1503, 1114, and 67 on an awesome job this weekend!

A major thanks to 573 and 469 for providing us with scouting assistance, technical help, and materials throughout the competition. You guys are great.

As with Karthik, I’m still a bit out of it, but here’s my attempt:

Team 67 is so incredibly grateful to have been picked after our lousy performance on Friday! 1114 and 1503 have great scouting teams to see that we’d gotten our drivetrain in good working order by Saturday morning; they saw us for our strengths and not our weaknesses.
That having been said, it was an absolutely amazing alliance in my opinion as well. I can’t wait to see the videos to actually see the whole field and see the two triplets doing what they do best: score. :cool:

I’ll probably have more thanks tomorrow when I’ve had more time to digest everything that went on.

In Pit Admin, we considered “only 20 minutes behind” to be pretty much on schedule.

Congrats to you and your teams. See you in Detroit. (Relax, folks, he’s working, not competing.)

Congrats on the win good luck with the rest of the season