2006 high school grads - final college decisions

I am wondering what everyone’s final college decisions are and to see if anyone else is going to the same college as me. (I found one person already)

I am going to Georgia Tech to major in Computer Science.

Congratulations on getting in and making your choice. I’m sure you’ll have a great time (I suppose I’m biased toward Computer Science programs, though, being in one myself… going on 3rd year at Queen’s University at Kingston. If anyone here is going there I’d love to know and answer questions/what not, feel free to PM or e-mail me).

I’m not sure at what point newly admitted people are allowed to register, but, you could try checking Facebook (many Universities/Colleges have FIRST Alumni groups now and there’s threads on Chief Delphi about some of them).

I am headed off to The University of Notre Dame in Indiana in the fall and I couldn’t be happier. I plan on majoring in either biology or microbiology.

Off to MIT and planning to do Course 6 (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science).
Excited as ever.

I’m also off to MIT, but for Mechanical Engineering. !! !!! !!! ! ! :smiley:

University of Kentucky - Electrical Engineering

Has anyone decided on Cornell as of yet? I know there are a number of people considering it. It’s an amazing school, especially for engineering. I’d be happy to chat with anyone interested about it.

Rensselaer for Computer and Systems Engineering.

Virginia Commonwealth University for mechanical engineering. Only school I applied to.

No Purude yet??? What about Michigan???

What about it? Who wants to go to school in the frozen north? If you’re going to freeze, you might as well live in some groovy canadian city… :wink:

Most likely i will be up in Potsdam, NY at Clarkson studying aero and mechanical engineering

I am going to Rice University next year to major in Electrical Engineering.

I’m going to Northeastern for Engineering (undecided).

I’m off to MIT too… wondering if we saw each other at CPW. Anywho, I’m open to any major right now, but learning towards either course 2 (mechE) or course 16 (aeroE), but am looking into chemE as well.

Edit: Hey Mark, I did see you. Weren’t you with your 3 other classmates, siting in back of me during closing ceremonies at Kresge.

hey I may be going to MIT as well, i was at CPW … dunno if you saw me or not … but i was playing guitar at the CPW student welcome thing thursday night

Syracuse University, Electrical or Chemical Engineering. I’m leaning toward Electrical. I am so exited. (My mom got me a large stuffed Orange, It’s so happy!) :slight_smile:

Wow we have a lot of FIRSTers going to MIT here… is anyone planning to join team 97? I was over there during the cool projects open house (during CPW). Was anyone there?

yeah vu2000. that was me.

That must be the ultimate life…spend all four years of high school in FIRST, learn all of the secrets, apply to MIT, get accepted, join team 97, and be successful as an engineer.

HAHA, I thought I would throw a twist in it: go to Georgia Tech instead of MIT and join an Atlanta team, like 1040, instead of team 97.