2006 High Score Thread

Well, it’s time to start up the annual tradition.
Highest score so far (posted on FIRST site):
Q32 in New Jersey-
1228 33 pts

25 137 pts

The highest at VCU was 99, by teams 1731, 510 and 116. (116 was involved in the 3 highest scoring matches in VCU…and actually won two of them :stuck_out_tongue: )

VCU Qualifying Match 11

How about highest score in a match that wasn’t a blow-out? A match where the winner won by fewer than – say – ten points? We were in an alliance at PNW where we won by 64-60.

11106 :eek: that will be a tough one to beat. :cool:

What about highest in autonomous mode? 296 was in an alliance at BAE that scored 51 by the end of autonomous…


Is that counting the 10 auto victory points or not?

It is counting them.

Sorry Sean, Amanda beat you by a few hours http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=44966

How about the largest amount of points scored the fastest? The Cheesy Poofs (254) got like 50 - 60 points in less than 10 seconds.

In NJ Final match 1, teams 25, 103, and 1279 scored about 66 points in about 10 sec.

They didn’t score any points during autonomous (good defense) and spent their first offensive period (1st period) gathering balls. They were down by about 60 points during their defensive period (2nd period). At the end of their defensive period they set up a firing squad and at the beginning of free-for-all, they released a barrage of balls :yikes: They ended up winning like 78-75, exciting comeback.

That was just amazing when I saw it. It was the first time I had seen a team mess up 25’s auto mode, and their alliance barely scored any points during the auto period, with the other alliance scorcing about 50 (Could be wrong, I have a fuzzy memory). After seeing how other matches played out, I thought it would be impossible to come back from a deficeit like that. But was 25, 103, and 1279 some combination to be able come back and score that many points in such little time! That was one of the craziest matches I saw all day. Great stuff…

At the pacific northwest reginal we had a score of around 3000. Something went into the corner goal and stayed there triggering the scoring device constantly.

Team 319 put up 97 points with their alliance at BAE in Manchester NH

HA HA HA!! Was it a flipper on their bot?? That would be awesome. :rolleyes:

Can’t top the 11106 points posted in VCU Practice Match 11 (listed as Q11, but you notice that all the Q matches restart. The first set of "Q"s are the Practice matches). :yikes:

that was one of the teams on our alliance, team 296 actualy scored most of those goals [like 80-90]

at the buckeye regional, 677, 703, and 158 SERVED the other teams with a whopping 80-4. oh yea!

if were going for practice days too, 229 + 1126 put up 150+.

today in qualification rounds we had the high school of the regional so far.

229, 1126, and 340 with a score of 109

i will post a picture of all three of us shooting at once

I would not be suprised to see the high score broken tomorrow. Right now, I expect it to come from 1126’s Elimination alliance, or one of the Triplets alliances in GLR.
With the small field at FLR, it seems more likely then anywhere else. If 1126 and partner can break away for a bit and score, the defenders might not have much to stop them with.
However, as week 2 is winding down, it is showing that scores tend to be much lower than first expected, and Triple Digit scores, only occuring twice this week, and a few last week.