2006 High Score Thread

Arizona high so far: 99, set by 987, 330, and another team (I don’t remember the number. It was basically over after auto mode.

New AZ highscore of 111 by 39, 987 and 1006

New High score of 119 at The Florida Regional (don’t remember alliances or other alliance score, but I think it was 19?)

If anyone wants to correct me, feel free to do so.

Tomasz Bania

119 was by 1345, 21, and 1029.

  • 119-18

Great match

Congrats to 1503, 1114 and 67 for their score of 125 in Semi finals 1.1 at GLR.


There was a 106 and a 108 put up at Great Lakes this weekend. I forget who tho.

106 and 108 both involved 1114. With the 106, I know that 451 was also involved.

106 and 108 both involved 1114. With the 106, I know that 451 was also involved.

1114 also put up the high score of the day.

Wasn’t one of the scores in the GLR knockouts 125-25? 1114,1503,67 getting the 125, but I forget against which alliance.

Yup, it was 1114, 1503, 67 vs. 1546, 66 & 68 in Semfinal 1.1

The highest score from GLR that I observed, winning alliance: 1114,1503,67

One match in the finals at Pittsburgh, our entire alliance went dead right after autonomous. By the time they stopped the match to figure out what was wrong, I believe our opponents had 66 points…1038 scares me. That’s all there is to it.

Yeah, 1503, 1114, and 67 scored the 125 in the elimination rounds at GLR. The final was 125 - 25.

Great to hear a lot of other high scores throughout regionals.

Hmm…it’s interesting…as the weeks progress, the scores go higher and higher. So far highest scores are 137 & 125 as I saw…it’ll be interesting to see what the highest is at the end of the season!

Oh yeah. That kinda sucked, though it was good for you guys that they stopped the match. Do you know that 1038 did that all (to my knowledge) on dead reckoning? Amazing robot; I like how their wheel slowly spins down after a match. But they slide sideways pretty easy, if that makes you feel better!:smiley:

Highest score i saw was 109 at UTC with team 126, 571, and 20 in the quarterfinal rounds.

The highest score in Detroit was I believe 117 set by our alliance (818,703,1602) but than again I thought there was a match with 120+ by 469. I’ll look over my match video to double check.

Tomasz Bania

Official results here: http://www2.usfirst.org/2006comp/Events/DT/matches.html

Q66, the last qualifying match, had the high score of 113, alliance 269/217/47. (Yes, the computer actually put that group together.)

In QF1-1 469/217/1506 scored 112. Your alliance scored 107 in both QF4-1 and SF2-2.

Those were the only triple-digit scores. The real-time scoring screen showed 175 for one of the above-mentioned 469 scores, before being corrected by human counting. I could tell that score wasn’t going to stand up, because it jumped 60-80 points in just a few seconds.

Btw, congratulations for putting together a good alliance and advancing to the finals.

The highest score at Boilermaker was in the finals, when teams 1272, 85, and 1319 scored 96 points.

Boilermaker match scores