2006 IRI - Thanks & Congratulations

Awesome -

Thanks to 64 fantastic teams for another exciting IRI.

Great robots, great talents, cool VEX, interesting dodgeball, fantastic volunteers, and a huge benefit for the Child Life Center. Plus, almost 100
backpacks - 30 heading to Gulfport MS to assist displaced kids as they get ready for school this fall.

The finals were just incredible - I don’t think you could hand pick 12 better matched teams to go into semis and then the final matches. Who would think 130 points would be a losing score!

Awesome - :ahh:

Thanks to you guys for putting it on!
It rocked

Yeah there is a big thank to everyone that helped!!!

I just can’t wait till next year!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yeah it was really great this year.

Thanks to everyone that helped, and i hope to see everyone back again next year. To the seniors… I hope to see you back as a mentor, and i hope this was a great learning experience.

I sure did like that fire alarm it was quite nice and entertaing. I will say that one benefit of it was that i got to meet and get a picture with Dave Lavery.

It was a totally awesome competition with top-notch teams playing at the peak of their games. We saw some great alliances putting on a great display… with lots of scoring in spite of intense defensive efforts. It was well worth the trip for me to witness those exciting matches in the elimination rounds.

Congratulations to the IRI organizers for another incredible event.

Hopefully a California team or two will be in the mix next year!!

Whew! that was some heart pounding driving i had to do. I got scared when the thunder chickens pined us in the corner for a whole period. I want to see the matches, does anyone have a web cast? I was to busy watching our robot to see what else was going on. (u know that whole tunnel vision thing)

This has been an awesome IRI for me.
I have been to 3 of them (2003,2005,2006) and this is by far the best one.
I honestly think that the matches played today in the elims were better then nationals.
The 71 1625 910 vs. 25 1114 33 matches were awesome.
There is no explaining 44 balls in the center goal.
How awesome.
Thank you 111 and 16 for being our alliance partners in the elims.
It was awesomely fun.
Congrats to 71 1625 and 910 for your win and 233 217 and 1272 for an awesome semi-final round.
It was awesome.
And i would not like to forget 1213 for letting my operate their robot for them.
If it wasn’t for them I would have been there.
They have an awesome robot and Jack and Keith are awesome people.
Thanks for capping off the best four years of my life.
It was fun seeing all the people that i know here at IRI people like Ty, kelli, kyle, JVN, jay and new people that i just met here…the rest of 45(haha).
Thank you to 47 for their awesome help and being awesome people.
Thanks to 47 again for letting u use your human player during the elims when we needed one the most.
Thank you to 494 and 70 for helping 1213 out big time with everything you did that i don’t know.
thanks to all of our alliance partners that we were teamed with to help us get second seed…we couldn’t have done it without you.
And thanks to the judges that awarded us the quality award, i was surprised but with a robot as good as 1213 had then i guess its a given…they have an awesome robot by the way.
Sorry if i forgot anything…just let me know and i will fix that…haha.


Oh yeah thanks for great experience. Im a little sad this is my last year. I do want to go and see if I can find a team to mentor when Im away at college. (I think I wont have the money or time to get there though)

Also a BIG thanks to the martians for giving us there window motor to replace our “magic foot.” (brake system)

Thanks to teams 494 and 40 for being such fantastic alliance partners, we gave it our all and almost got it!

Thank you also to HOT for transporting our robot to and from the competition, you don’t know how much we appreciate that!

I’ll do my big long thank you’s later, but that’s my short list

PS I’ve uploaded pictures from the weekend here under IRI

You are welcome Stevie. Thank you for being “The Stevie” and giving us your best effort in every way. You may think your last four years were about as good as it gets, but you ain’t seen nothin yet. Your best years have yet to come, and will get surpassed by the years to follow them.

Thanks to all the teams who aligned with Friends of 1213, whether on or off the field. Thanks to all of you who were pleased at our success; a special thanks to those who weren’t surprised. :wink:

Man I only got to attend one day of this years IRI, I’ve been to every IRI since its inception, and I must say that this one had a level of competition that surpassed anything we could have ever dreamed of when years ago a bunch of Indiana teams got together in a gym in Kokomo to have a little off season scrimage.

Thanks to all my fellow volunteers, especialy the scoring/reset kids who did such a great job working with Jerry Budd keeping everything running smoothly and on time. Thanks to the guys behind the scoring table Brandon Martus, David Kelly, Molly Menges, Mark Koors, The Gilbert twins, and everyone else helping out over there, you guys faced some challenges and blew right past them.

Thanks to the greatest announcing/MC crew we’ve seen to date, Paul, John, Colin, and Dan you guys were awesome. I especialy enjoyed the speed rounds.

Congrats to 71 1625 and 910 on the win, from what I heard from everyone i talked to after the wedding i had to attend yesterday grumble grumble stupid weddings during robotics events it was a hard fought win.
Congrats to 233, 217, and my favorite team 1272, From what I hear you guys did amazing and never gave an inch without a fight! Congrats to my team 1272, You guys continualy amaze me by what you can accomplish even when everything seems to be going wrong and new challenges are constantly popping up, you guys are an inspiration to me.

Ohh and less i forget Mr Baker, thanks for letting me reff again and work with such a top notch ref crew. Amy, Andrew, Kevin, Jeff, Lisa, Jeremy, and Stu (Not to mention Mr Kyle love and the other outstanding young gentleman who helped us out for the mentor rounds) it was a pleasure working with you guys, best running ref crew i have worked with yet.

Chris, Andy, and Libby, you guys outdid yourselves again. Thanks for letting me be a part of the magic that is my favorite offseason event, Already looking forward to next year. Thank you Thank you Thank you guys for all the hardwork you do.

(Wow for 1 day i sure did have alot of people to thank!)

Thanks to everyone for making my first IRI a memerable one. I had great fun as the pit announcer on Friday. One person, that I konw of, recognized me but I met a bunch of new people. Dave, Tytus, Arefin, Andy, and there’s more that I may not have known who they were. :ahh:
Thanks to team 40 for bringing their VEX field and robots. I got a lot of interesting ideas from them.
And especially thanks to team 107 for letting me and a couple fellow teammates be honorary members. That was fun.
Thank God I got to see the semi-finals. They were, undoubtedly, the best matches I have seen any year.
Did every single team end up with a tie or two?
And congrats to the winners and finalists. Excellent alliances.

Next year, people need to start wearing their safety glasses. I saw many people walking around without their safety glasses. In fact, I saw more adults and mentors without safety glasses than students. There were also a few Poof throwing incidents, which included a student running back and forth while an ADULT mentor threw the ball to him. Multiple times nearly running into a tool chest.

There is one thing that I have a grumble about while I was in Indianapolis this weekend. It was the weather. There’s nothing more ruining of your IRI fun than sleeping in a tent full of rain water. I didn’t get to the competition on Saturday until 1.

Is there anywhere i can find archived video of the eliminations? the webcast wasn’t working for me.

This was my first IRI, and it was, dare I say, amazing.
Sadly, I got to see everything through the first round of finals, but then I left early because I was sick.
There’s no explaining 44 balls in the center goal.
Thanks to 45 for letting us use a battery on Thursday night (for checking the field) when we left all of ours in Libby Ritchie’s car.
Thanks to everyone who tried to figure out the issue with our drive station on Thursday night.
Thanks to 233 and 47 for being amazing alliance partners for my first and only time driving the robot.
Thanks to Jerry and Venny for yelling, at the same time , mind you, completely opposite things for me to do while I was driving. But thanks Jerry for telling me to ignore Venny beforehand. =)
Finally, thanks to Ryan for suggesting I do that Andy Baker poem for the Talent Show. I got to talk to some interesting people, and his wife wants me to e-mail her a copy.

Thanks again,
Danielle || 393

My 3rd personal IRI, and 116’s second, I can safely say this was the best of them all.

To 25, 1114, and 33:
You guys were a blast to hang around during the QFs and SFs. You pushed 71, 1625, 910 further than any other alliance, and played what I consider the greatest elimination series I have ever seen. Probably the most impressive feat was the fact that the croud was actually cheering for Beatty!

To 71, 1625, and 910:
Wow…just wow. Your trip to the championship was amazing. We were almost giddy watching those matches with how close, high scoring, fast, and genuinely entertaining they were. You guys really earned all of your wins.

To 1712:
Thanks for the cardboard! :wink:

To 296:
Thanks for letting us cut off the end of your pool noodle, it saved us!

To 393:
Thanks for having so many entries in the talent show, it would have been alot less fun without you.

To 1114:
Thanks for making that fire alarm sound pleasing :stuck_out_tongue:

To 71:
Thanks for giving us a chance to get outside on Friday :stuck_out_tongue:

To all the folks that helped to put together IRI:
Thank you for an amazing event. I can’t wait to come back next year!

To anyone else I forgot:

IRI was awesome! i just got back from a 12 hour bus ride back to PA

hope it came in quite handy.

I am very happy I had the chance to come to IRI this year. It was definitely the best FIRST event I have been to. The teams were great, the event was well organized, everyone was nice and it was just overall fun.

A big thanks to Chris Fultz and Libby Ritchie for making it possible for me to come to IRI.
Also thanks to the members of team 393…It was fun hanging out with you guys and having dinner after the competition.

Hopefully everything will work out and I’ll be in the US next summer and will be able to come to IRI again next year.


Thanks to all the sponsoring teams, including team 40 for the vex, Ryan for running the talent show. I actually don’t know who ended up offering and/or giving us the breaker, but thanks for that too.

[quote=Lil’ Lavery]To 25, 1114, and 33:
You guys were a blast to hang around during the QFs and SFs. You pushed 71, 1625, 910 further than any other alliance, and played what I consider the greatest elimination series I have ever seen. Probably the most impressive feat was the fact that the croud was actually cheering for Beatty!

thanks so much! it was a great series and were glad that so many people enjoyed it!!! :slight_smile:

IRI was so awesome! it was my first time attending it and it was probably my fav. comp. besides nationals. i just wish it lased longer… All the people were so nuce and friendly. plus all the best robots were there. i got to see old friends and make a lot of new one. I had so much fun and will definetly be coming back!![/quote]