2006 KOP gearbox


The 2006 KOP gearbox on our robot has been badly damaged and I was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy or if anyone had had one. I think they were made by IFI, but I can’t find anything written on the gearbox itself and I can’t find it on IFI.

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We do have a couple IFI gearboxes sitting around unused that we would be willing to swap for a similar gearbox (Banebots or Andymark, preferably.) We prefer swapping to selling as we do have plans for the gearboxes in the near future. The catch is that we are on the exact other side of the continent from you, so by the time we dealt with brokerage fees and shipping, you would probably be better off just buying a new gearbox.

But what I really want to know… is what the heck happened to bash up the gearbox? Those things are sturdy!


We have 2006 gearboxes also???

Are you sure?

There was some discussion of the picture…


Okay… I guess having a first year pound on a gearbox with a hammer could damage it… but I do note that even with the damage it was still usable!

It sounds like this one is really messed up… what’s worse than a good hammer pounding?


What is damaged?

If it’s just the gears, AndyMark sells gears for their “ToughBox” that I’m pretty sure are the exact same.

Sorry dude, but the gears are different. I was trying to use for the toughbox the other day and they wouldn’t fit. Open one up or i’ll try to post some pics tomorrow.

Funny, we’re just going through something similar.

They ARE IFI Gearboxes - here’s a link to their info:

From what I can tell, the back plate of the gearbox was loose allowing the output shaft to move slightly. The output shaft was torqued to the side and the gears meshed at and angle with each other, and now one of the gears has a ridge eaten out of teeth. We tried interchanging different gears from the toughbox because the ratios are the same, but the gears have different thicknesses and have different sized hex so it didn’t work.

We have a toughbox and a banebots 12 : 1 planetary gearbox: (http://banebots.com/pc/P80A-nnnn-0005-Rn/P80A-43-0005-R2)
that we would be willing to trade, so if anyone is interested in trading or selling just PM me and we can figure out shipping. We are in New York City just for reference.