2006 Las Vegas Regional

Man it’s hot in here, and it’s only practice.

For those of us stuck on the other side of the country, does anyone want to comment on how things look so far?

yeah, sorry. I was getting pressured to go to the pit when i posted that.

from what i’ve seen, 25 and 79 are going to own.

Good luck to the teams over there. Really hating that I’m sitting on the East Coast right now. :frowning: Could someone say hi to my 25 buddies and update on rounds/stuff? Thanks. Woooo!

hey we are doing good. In the rounds today a ton of robots did not make it out to the Field. I am sure tomorrow when the real rounds start you will see real defensive battle out there. top robots are.


Good luck to everyone in the elimination rounds today!

:slight_smile: Guys try to keep everyone posted…and good luck to everyone…o yeah lets go 25

Yeah, agreed… I’m sure im not the only one coninuously checking the FIRST websites to see if the standings and match results are up.

You’re not the only one… :wink:

Not by a long shot.

Well the match results and standings have been updated on the FIRST site. If only we could get some commentary from some individuals at the actual competition. :smiley:

hey we are going to be on a web cast today. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :smiley:

yay! I need to hurry home this afternoon and watch some robots

what website is the webcast on


its says its “only available saturday” but our match was suppose to start 3 minutes ago accordin to FIRST match results and there is no link

and are we still undefeated
i saw some close match results too

Any updates on Vegas? Are the elimination alliances picked yet?


i see both 25 + 230 at 11-0!!! and 25 in first w/ higher RP’s… AH!!!

i want knowledge!!! lol!!!

I know of one alliance 230,79,1425