2006 Lonestar Regional Store locations

I’m starting this thread for out of town teams coming to our Lonestar Regional to help them find some stores near the Reliant Center. If you are like our team, you will be scrambling to get your robot ready for inspection. If you need help with another type of store, post a request, or if you can think of another store post a link!

Nearest Lowe’s.

Bering’s (a gift/hardware store that, although small, seems to always have what you need).

Nearest Home Depot

Wagner Hardware A local “old school” hardware store. Conveniently, it is located right next to the Rice Village, a nice shopping area with lots of good stores and restuarants. As if you’ll have time to shop!

Nearest Target

That’s the basics :slight_smile: If anyone needs hotel/travel/eats info post here. If I can’t help someone else can!

EDIT: Just a quick note (and disclaimer): The links give the route from 8181 Fannin to the store. 8181 Fannin isn’t REALLY the address for Reliant, but my buddy’s appartment across the street :o But for reference it still works, just don’t use 8181 Fannin as the address of the competition!

Some more I thought of.

The Galleria (for hard core shoppers)

Meyerland Plaza Mall (for not so hard core shopping)

Thanks, Dan. This list will come in handy, I bet.

I’ve got some good stores, but I unfortunately live completely on the other side of Houston. So don’t expect these places to be close. But they’re OH so useful. For instance:

Metal Supermarkets 24 min away, but likely to have a large selection of raw stock you might need for that repair. Call (713)934-3838 to see. Hours 7:30am-5:00pm. We’ll have a catalog in the pit.

Turner Hardware 21 min away. A great hardware store. Huge selection of nuts, bolts, and screws, even metric. Some aluminum and steel angle as well. Open Saturdays.

Bass Tool 19 min away. Just about every tool you could ever want. Need a .1248 chucking reamer? It’s in stock and will be waiting in Will Call. Great if the machine shop says they need a certain tool to help you out. Check the catalog at http://www.basstool.com/ Open till Noon on Saturdays. We’ll have the Bass catalog too.

Ace Electronics 20 min away. A rather large selection of electronic bits and pieces and tools. Not open saturdays, though. Just 8a-5p weekdays. Knowledgable staff, though.

Electronic Parts Outlet 15 or so min away. The Westpark Tollway is EZ-Tag only, so you’ll probably want to avoid it. Bring me a map at 57’s pit and I’ll get you there. More electronics goodness. Huge selection of all sorts of stuff, but a bit hit or miss. Careful you don’t get stuck staring at all the neat doodads. Open saturday mornings, but their website’s down. I’ll call tomorrow and find out what’s up with that.

Fry’s Electronics 21 min away. I usually leave my wallet at home or bring a chaperone. Otherwise I walk out with Guitar Hero or a new wireless mouse. Large electronics parts section, ICs and all. Also computer stuff and home appliances. In case your robot really needs a fridge to keep those motors ice cold.

And a few places a little closer…



Grainger You know, Grainger. Lots of parts and shaft collars and bearings and all sorts of goodies. Open 7:30a - 5p, weekdays. Call 713-748-8280 to check for things in stock. We’ll have a catalog in our pit.

Wow, I wish I knew about some of those sooner! :slight_smile:

Team 418 made several runs to several of these stores -
Your posts were helpful and appreciated!

I also want to mention a local hobby shop about 15 minutes away:

M&M Hobby Center
6703 Chimney Rock
Bellaire, Texas 77401

These guys have everything, they’re an RC hobby paradise. We ended up accidentally finding this shop while trying to find someone with a Futaba connector for a servo and other connectors for our backup batteries. If we need anything we can’t find at Radio Shack or Fry’s we’ll probably find it there!


Here’s the map link for M&M Hobby:

M & M Hobby