2006 Monty Madness NASA Webcast

The biggest surprise of all, Monty Madness will have a NASA webcast!! Thanks to the guys over at NASA and some of the students/parents on our team, we were able to get a webcast for the May 20th competition over here in good ol’ Montgomery,New Jersey. So if you can’t make the event, be sure to tune in and check out the competition. NASA will have a page up soon about the webcast, watch here for the link:

Special thanks to the hard working guys over at NASA who made this possible. Also thanks to the hard working guys over on our end that made this webcast possible


:ahh: :ahh: :ahh:

awesome! I’ll try and tune in for a bit (unfortunately I have to work that night…)

SHUT UP!!! REALLY!!! Awesome, I will get to see myself on NASA Emceeing, SWEET!

Here’s where NASA will post the link: http://robots.nasa.gov/

We have Monty Madness candy bars, Polos for volunteers and to top it all off, we have a webcast!!! Can Monty get any madder??!! Yes it can! All you have to do is register, I believe we have one more open slot!! 35 teams is no fun without the 36th!

POLOS?! oh what do they look like!

Here’s the link for the webcast:

It should start by 8:30.

direct link to open in a media player


The web cast should be up momentarily.

Aren’t the lights above the goal supposed to be on during Autonomous mode?

im watching from home unfortnately instead of being there. I Can’t say that im thrilled about the quality of the webcast but you cant beat free huh?

Someone should inform the cameraman to stop focusing so much on the backbot. THe action is usally happening on the other side of the field.

All the Music Rocks!

Nevermind, they just played Who let the dosg out


btw I agree with you tytus

never mind it’s back again
big sigh of relief

I just improved the quality of the picture, that is why it stopped. Any other suggestions you have would be great.

oo thanks!!
how about not keeping the score up forever? it’s a stupid request… but still…

f-bomb alert!
Tell the dj to use the radio edit of Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Not the album cut!

Gah, it’s so low quality for me :frowning:
I just turned it on, but I can’t make out any of the alliance pairings. I’ll assume the 2-digit team in alliance 1 is 25 though. :stuck_out_tongue: