2006 Most Competitive Regional

So this year with so many regionals out there splitting up the FIRST talent pool, what do you think is the most competitive regional to this point? Do you think we’ve seen some of the better competition out of the regionals already or is the best yet to come?

( I wanted to do a poll for all the regionals but you can only 25 options :smiley: )

Great Lakes gets my vote, there were so many good teams there.

GTR and then a close second of FLR.

a little biased, of course not. :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh I may be a little biased but the competition at florida was pretty stiff, midwest looked pretty amasing to.

But can’t discount the 73 teams at the Greater Toronto Regional that has yet to come.

it’s 74 now. i think 4 was added to the list just recently.

definitely not SVR this year. Defense was sorely lacking until the eliminations.

EDIT: Before anyone gets on my case about this, i do not mean to knock SVR in any way, shape or form. I personally love the regional, but (after comparing it to video of other regionals) I think that the teams this year could have used their time better. Obviously, there were some very notable teams out there, but I think the majority had a very hard time with in-game strategizing this year.

I am really excited for the Greater Toronto Regional. I think it will be one of (if not) the most competetive regional out there. It would be interesting to see how many 2006 Regional Champions will be attending GTR this year.

Week 5 will have the second highest average number of teams per event, the most ‘experienced’ teams (with one or more previous Aim High events behind them) and the largest single event (GTR). So the best is yet to come.

Everyone is wrong so far! The most competitive regional is going to be the Philadelphia Regional in the last week of March. There are a lot of competitive robots competing at the event and it going to be a hard competition. It is going to be eventful.

Any Midwest Regional. Great Lakes and Midwest i would have to say.

I must agree with freddy, philly will wthout a shadow of a doubt be the best regional, yes this is a totally biased opinion;). But the atmosphere at drexel is AMAZING such a small space with such great teams there like, 365,56,173,56,433, 84,103…and the list goes on, basically this is the powerhouse of east coast robotics

I think GLR was a little lackluster this year. I’d like to say Midwest was pretty much the best, but i think some fierce competition is still on its way.

The Peachtree Regional was very competitive. Almost every quarter final, semi final and finals went to 3 matches. The scores for the entire regional were relatively low because everyone was heavy on the defense. We never got all 6 robots on the ramps even with Dave Lavery offering 2 dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts to each of the 6 teams.

I am going to go with Buckeye. I know it may be biased but competion was very deep. The number 1 (135) and 2 (1024) seeds at Boilermaker were both there. Midwest runner up 141 was there. The number three seed in Detroit was there (703). Strong teams like 123, 494, 48, 461 were also there. It may not have had many teams but all the teams were strong.

OK I have a question.
Has anyone here been to every single regional so far this season?

I dare say no :slight_smile: but needless to say certain inferences can be made, and through the miracle of web cast up wards 15 of these regionals this year, and with so many teams competing at multiple regionals we know basically the level of play to expect. There is always a small debate about which regional tends to be more competitive different years. Throughout the years with the addition of many different regionals with close proximity to each other falling in the same time period ( site Midwest area this year 3 regionals all close, all on the same week ) it has spread out the powerhouse teams more and the competition has gotten smaller at these regionals.

I was just curious for others input realizing it might be a little biased, heck one of my top picks every year in the little debate is Florida, just because its in my back yard.

I can say that every regional in the world is represented by at least one person who frequents chiefdelphi. Harmless cheerful discussion not only allows for a little regional pride, but from it we can anticipate level of competition at nationals.

I don’t know about the most competitve Regional. With only 46 teams, it is difficult to have the depth of a larger regional (like 74 teams at GLR) for 24 team elimination rounds. However, with the average quality of competitors at this regional, the Philly qualifying matches may be better than Championship qualifiing matches. I will be like 2 full days of Regional QuarterFinal matches :slight_smile:

I would definitely agree with this. The Northeast has alot of old, experienced teams who have made a great name for themselves. Many of the teams there have been in the game for a long time, and over the years, have perfected themselves. Plus, the existence of the old teams has helped give many of the rookies there a good head start. I expect to see a great mix of heavily defensive teams there, along with a variety of strong shooters. Good luck everyone, and see you there!

– Jaine

well i thikn there have been some pretty competitive regionals and that the rest of the regionals will stay about the same, but nationals is another thing

With the complexities of this years games strategy and robot wise, we have yet to see the best. With many teams competing in more than one regional this year we can only bet that these teams will get better and grow more competitive with time. While you may have a lot of veteran teams with good robots this year, we may see a rise in the amount of action in the game as new way to defeat these teams comes about.

My vote: The best is yet to come.