2006 NASA Grant Application now on line

The online application for 2006 NASA grants is now available at http://robots.larc.nasa.gov/. All necessary links are available from this URL and complete instructions are provided. This application is only for NASA sponsorship of a team. You must also register with FIRST to actually attend one or more competition events.

We received over 300 pre-registrations for the application. E-mails went out earlier today to notify all the pre-registrants of the availability of the application. If you did not pre-register, you may still register for the application on the referenced web site.

If you are considering applying for a grant, please READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. Incomplete, ineligible or mis-registered applications will not be considered for award.


I for one, am psyched! There’s a grant for those not attending a NASA regional! That was the killer for us last year. I just pre-registered us. Very cool Dave, very cool. :smiley:

The NASA Robotics Alliance Team has done a wonderful job at explaining the different grants available, eligibility, the rational, and the steps needed. I would recommend that every team read this document over.

Information about Demographics for a school ( % receiving free lunch) can be found at:

Hang on to this information as it will also be needed by FIRST for the Year book page and will be needed for many other types of grant applications.