2006 NASA/VCU Regional!

116 is happy to be attending the NASA/VCU regional once again (sadly, we missed it last year :frowning: , our first time missing it ever).
Not to mention, it’s the biggest regional in America!! 64 teams already, and still 5 more spots :ahh:

Lets hope the field doesn’t break again causing 2 hour delays. j/k :wink:

Anyway, I love this regional, no matter how big and hectic it is. This will be my first year missing this regional in all the year’s I’ve been in FIRST, so when March comes around I’m going to be pretty sad. I hope you guys all have fun.

I <3 Jeff Seaton :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

222 is filling up our bus to head down to VCU for the first time ever!. We can’t wait:)!

Team 384, Sparky, is excited to be coming back to the VCU regional for our seventh time. We’ll see you there.

401 will also be there. I don’t know about the orange Hokie hair though… it cursed us in Atlanta.

Returns to working on the camera

Wow, how did the orange hair curse you all in Atlanta?! I LOVE THE ORANGE HAIR!

Anyway, team 616 would have been there if it wouldn’t have been for our School Board screwing us over. This will be the first time 616 has missed the VCU regional in a couple of years. I’ll miss being there with my team, even though I’ll be there, it just won’t be the same. :frowning:

Team 343 - Metal In Motion will be heading north again to gain valuable experience in the robot wars. We missed VCU last year, but look forward to coming back and seeing old friends and competing against world class teams. Good luck to everyone this year! :smiley:

Hey team 1829 is signed up I see. My son a former member of 343 is Coop’ing in VA and helping them out. I look forward to seeing them! Also our friends from R. D. Anderson, Team 1715 will be there. Sounds like it’s going to be a great time. Hey if you’re on one of these teams and need anything let us know!

1033 is going. Cant wait!

Looks to be a good year at VCU again! I’ll be back for my 7th VCU regional. :ahh:


1132 will be at VCU again this year…
I hope we progress a bit more than previous years…
We’ll see…
See everyone there! Good luck!

There will be 6 former team 616 members volunteering at VCU this year, 5 of which were on the team last year. We will be working Field Control, Scorekeeping, and Field Repair/Reset.

If you remember us, make sure to stop and say Hi when you see us and we’ll be sure to do the same!

I will be there for my 5th VCU Regional in a year, but this time I will be a Volunteer. Can’t wait to see everyone there again, and hopefully to see my former team 1086 the Pirates go even further this year. Good luck to everyone, and see yall soon.


team 1002 will be there this year…we missed it last year, but it was the same week as peachtree…

1829 will b there!!!

Team 1598 is heading to VCU for our second year doing the compeititon. Its going to be great!

Team 435 is going to return for our 7th year at the NASA/VCU regional.

I’m here at VCU and the field looks pretty! I’ll be on all day sitting at the scorekeeping table.


Very nice. Here’s the webcast info.

Bit rates are as follows:

Windows Media (43kb, 148kb, 350kb)

ARL: mms://a64.l1856648259.c18566.g.lm.akamaistream.net/D/64/18566/v0001/reflector:48259
Link: http://mfile.akamai.com/18566/live/reflector:48259.asx

Real (KSC/AMES)(34kb, 225kb)


Streams will be up and down here this morning as things get rung out from the production house feed.

For all those at VCU, make sure to stop by the Inspectors table and look for Tim Matt and say hi. He’s my dad. My mom should be working the real time scoring Wetzel, so look for her too.