2006 NASA/VCU Regional!


From what I see sparky is putting too much forward spin on the ball because the ball when it hits the ball arresters it spins up to the top of the goal and then because the goal is tilted forward, the ball falls out of the goal. The softer you hit those ball arrestors the better because the movement of the chains coming back to rest is enough to push those light poofs back out of the goal. It seems as though corner robots are ruling the field right now, but I still haven’t seen a whole lot of scoring… I hope it gets better tomorrow.

It certainly does look like there are allot of balls out on the field. I pretty sure the HPs are trying to score points by throwing the balls into the corner goals, with little success. But a few teams have gone back and forth to the drover station to reload their shooters. But one thing I did notice also is that allot of the shots that are being fired, they miss, often. Plus there’s the ever exciting auton with balls flying everywhere. But from what I have seen so far today, my view of the game completely changed and the strategies I have come up with are not as important as some of the ones that I thought would be useless.