2006 Newton Final Top 10 Predictions

So, based of 5hrs of analysis of the STAMP gathered statistics, I predict the following rankings at the begining of picking.

1st. 176
2nd. 25
3rd. 133
4th. 11
5th. 987
6th. 66
7th. 236
8th. 254
9th. 71
10th. 49

On another note, anyone who is at champs: come watch match 80 on Newton. It will be a match to remember.

Have fun!

Well, 25 and 11 play eachother tomorrow, so one of them is going to move out of the top 4 (most likely, I doubt a tie in that match.) There are a lot of big matchups tomorrow. I think your results could be close, I also think we could see something completely unexpected.

I’ve been watching as much of the webcasts as I can, and it is just as insane as I thought it would be. The Newton playoffs should be fun. I will be watching that match 80 tomorrow.

25 will defeat 11.
If the beast will be slain in qualification, it will be in the match right now against 111.
*edit: rather, two matches from now.

**edit: did I call that!

Team 987 was one of the only teams to beat Wildstang and team 25. We were the second seed!. One thing I dont like is how the West Coast teams get underestimated. By posting stuff like saying “all the regionals over there are weak, no good teams” ect ect. I think that we proved that is wrong. Twice now. This year being the 2nd seed, and beating a “infamous” team like wildstang, and the undefeated team 25. Proves something. I can walk away from the most stacked division proud I did so well, and performed excellent.

I can’t recall anyone ever saying that the west coast teams are overrated. The captain of the 2005 championship alliance was 330, and one of the finalist alliance members was 254. There is a very justified argument that California is the “best state in FIRST” (although I’d still rank Michigan ahead of California personally).

I think both Michigan and California should borrow a page from Ontario’s playbook and set up their own super-regionals to rival GTR.

As has been pointed out elsewhere, GTR was hands-down the toughest regional field in 2006, and all three teams (296, 217, 522) on the Championship winning alliance competed there.

Its not necessarily on CD, but you do here people talking about how they dont need to scout the west besides like the top teams that have been around for a while, I can understand where people are coming from, but the Einstein Finalist was at Vegas, and a large handful from phoenix and Las Vegas regionals were in Newton. I just think alot of teams underestimate other teams.

Mm…I agree. You High Rollers were amazing…and you gave us a run for our money!

And so…I think the Western teams often do get overlooked, but…now you’ve shown everyone what you’re made of :slight_smile: