2006 NJ Regional

Hey everyone!

Who is going to Jersey this year?

As usual we are almost selling our souls to raise some money, but hopefully we will be there! What should we expect this year? My guess is that it will be a great event! :rolleyes:

Team 1403 will be there as usual.

The NJ regional should be really great this year especially since our friends from the midwest, team 48, will be joining us. We are also seeing the return of some great teams like 88 who are from further up the NE area. This is some tough competition in addition to the already stacked regulars. Teams 25, 56, 75, 103, 1279 are also signed up as well. This should make for an amazing regional, only 4 months to go. I am especially happy to see NJ on the first weekend because last season it was torture while waiting for it. This is the NJ regional’s 10th year running and like I have said before, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

It is great to see that 1156 will be there again. I remember working with you during qualifying rounds and you were amazing. Best of luck to you and I look forward to seeing you there.

GO 1403!!!

I am going to volunteer and help with field reset, I think.

Offical Team List

Yeah, it should be a great event again, there are 60 teams attending right now so its a jam packed regional (its the 2nd biggest regional behind VCU and GTR which are at 66) But the more, the merrier so it should be a lot of fun.

yeahh team 1676 is going to be at NJ… we won the Rookie All-Stars last year as you guys might remember so we hope it could be good for us again this year…

I’ll be there … and I am bringing my stripes with me …

I’m scared already :-p

Count on 1382!
I’m not too keen on the idea of having the event take place during the first week of March…shipping issues, i’m afraid…but nonetheless, can’t wait for yet another amazing season and competition…
Best of luck!

team 223 will be attending the NJ regionals with our flaming pants :smiley:

I look forward to seeing all these familiar faces, and I can’t wait to see some new ones… keeping with tradition Team 75 will be there to hold honors of the oldest NJ team going into our 11th season!

I can understand your concern, that’s quite a distance to move that big box. We’ll all be crossing our fingers for you… See you there


Everyone ready for the 2006 New Jersey Regional?! TJ² is looking forward to the 10th Anniversary of this Johnson & Johnson-sponsored regional. Hope to see all of the other J&J teams and everyone else! This Regional is going to be an awesome event!

Who else is going?

I can’t wait to see some of the amazing designs the NJ teams come up with for AIM HIGH. I am never disappointed by the NJ teams.

This is the first week of competition, so the high mark will be set by this regional!

1403 is going down to Trenton for the 3rd year in a row, NJ and BMS teams are ready to show everyone how the Aim High game is played. Should be a great regional as always, the a diverse of teams attending added with one of the largest numbers of teams signed up will result in an even better event than in years past.

See everyone March 2nd.

This year Trenton is definitely the place to be

That is correct. We are ready to put on a show like none other.

We were supposed to participate all the way from HAWAII!
We could not get in unfortunately.

Good luck everyone. Maybe next year.


Team 375 will be there…looking forward to a great competition.

Im glad to see that the reigonal is jampacked with amazing teams again.

Looking forward to playing with you guys again (in no praticular order): 25,56,103,1279,1676, etc.

Team 375 is going to be at New Jersey again this year…looking forward to an awesome competition.

Pascack Pi-oneers, Team 1676, are back again this year!
Rookie All-stars at Trenton last season!

Can’t wait to rock that! :smiley:
Dancing anyone? :cool: