2006 NJ Regional

Team 48 will be there and hope the East Coast teams won’t dominate our lil’ ol’ helpless Midwestern robot too much. :wink:

P.S. I’m serious. Don’t hurt us! We bruise easily.

Team 1882 will be there thanks to teams like 25, 75, and 1626 encouraging us to persevere. We hope to achieve the highest rookie seed award and look forward to the competition.

Guess who’s doing play-by-play announcing this year? I’ll give you a hint…it’s the same guy as it was last year. I personally can’t wait to see this year’s competition.

Team 293 will be there as usual, it will be our 10th year! Spike 9 Will Make its debut at Trenton. I won’t be there because I am at College, but my team will be there in full force. I will be interested to see how all the BMS teams do this year!

Spike 9 is quite impressive this year, good luck to all teams!

2 Days, 11 Hours, 43 Minutes!
Who’s Ready for the Best Week One Regional Ever!?!?

I know I am…the tenth anniversary of the NJ regional is going to be insane!!! Supposedly there’s going to be special event and such going on, and In my opinion this is the most stacked the competition has ever been!!! There are a lot of really really really good teams on the docket. I’ll see everyone on Thursday when I come around to the pits to interview you all.

I can’t wait. Trenton looks like one of the most stacked regionals this year. Ican’t wait to compete with all the amazing teams that are going to be in attendance.

Freddy Schurr will be there, (thats me), I will be helping with Team Queuing on Thurs and Sat. I also will be at the volunteer meeting on Wed Night, so if you going, say HI!

I can’t wait!

Team 1302 will be there again this year with almost a completely fresh team.

Two days! Eep!

Team 433 is psyched!!!

Team 41 will be there once again. 2 days to go!!!

Team 555 will be there.
We cant wait to see all of the other teams down in Trenton

Has anyone else seen the Winter Advisory for tomorrow? I don’t know about you guys, but this kinda’ worries me.


GO 1403!!!

Maybe I should leave for Trenton right now. I’ll spend the night in the car and be the first one in when the gates open.

Darn it… I was hoping you were going to NYC so I could pick you in my Fantasy FIRST league… Now I don’t know who to pick.

And as for the snow expected for NJ regional… I’m glad the Hartford regional is finally not the only regional who has weather problems now… :stuck_out_tongue:

And it figures, since I will be in NJ on Saturday for the regional…

Yes, you can blame me and the rest of us from CT who are coming down this weekend for bringing the snow… I dare you. :smiley:

Just came back from the NJ regional volunteers meeting and the field looks great and arena is cool looking. Can’t wait to see all the teams.

We have to drive from Montclair, NJ to Trenton, NJ which is about 1 hr 30min drive. You may think that if it snows we are stuck here but no a parent of one of our students owns his own construction business. So our plan is make him drive out front with his plow and we have 2 other 4wheel drive cars behind him.

Ill be there Fri and Sat with Team 1495. This should be the largest Regional I’ve ever been a part of.

I’m coming to observe. :eek:

The field was looking great and the volunteers were ready to rock…just one tiny problem…when I left no one knew where the Poof balls were…those are kind of an integral part of the game, no?

Anyway, I’m giving my voice a rest tomorrow and doing some leg work and interviewing teams…so be ready to talk tomorrow!!! I’ll be the one with the mic on Friday and Saturday, so come say hi!