2006 Palmetto Regional

Well, it appears that Palmetto 2006 is shaping up to be yet another awesome regional just down the road.

Already we’ve got Chairman’s Award winners (16), winners of multiple regionals (281), and already 1466 is back to defend their title. And there’s still nine in the queue and nineteen open slots!

Anybody else excited five months ahead of time?

well i believe you all will pull off another great regional… i’m sorry i have to miss it though… i was at the first 2 and they were fun… the no dancing allowed well that was an interesting rule

but the team list looks very interesting and going to have some interesting matches of course…

i wish all the teams good luck @ palmetto and all the regionals… let the games begin already… :wink:

As soon as I can get logged onto TIMS, Team 1251, TechTigers will be coming back to try and get it right this time! We are looking forward to seeing everyone again.

S.P.A.M. is in 'da house. I’m guessing that the usual SC suspects (MIM, BM, CE, to name a few) who haven’t registered yet will be in attendance as well.

But the question is, will Gary Dillard be in 'da house? Or am I going to have to drive down to Florida again to get my annual Gary-Dillard-at-FIRST-regionals fix?

I also note that 1051 has signed up, making for 2/3rds of last years champions coming back. Anyone from the Swamp want to comment?

I hope I can make it there. I had a blast last year. Lots of great teams and competition. Hopefully they’ll let me referee again. :slight_smile:

I would imagine that slacker Dillard will pull his usual “all-talk-no-action” stunt and miss it again, but then again he did finally find an excuse to show up at IRI so you never know.

We had a great time there last season, and wish we could do it again. Unfortunately we’re purchasing some equipment and therefore cannot afford 2 regionals. I’m sure the competition will be great again, there were a lot of great teams. I’ll be looking for the webcast for sure.

Bummer–and yet somewhat relieving as a team member. (Much as I like 179, playing against them at Palmetto–twice, mind you–is not something I enjoy. :wink: )

Well, it looks like now that FIRST posted the pending team list as well. Which means I get to be all happy that 818 (Genesis ‘02) is planning on coming back to Palmetto after taking a break in 2005, as are 247 (Da’ Bears, with one of the best drive/coach teams I’ve been on the field with). And 34, 342, and 343 are coming back for the third time around.

This’ll be fun.

Several members of team 538 are hoping can come to Palmetto. Its up to if we can rise enough money for a bus.

I drove the robot for team 1051 for each year at Columbia and I can’t this year because I graduated… I’m going to miss it soo much this year, even though I may go to watch or help out what I can. It will be something I will always remember, which is a good thing …I think…

If 587 had the money for a second regional, we’d certainly go to Palmetto. Alas, we have far from it. But, if we did, we’d love to see our friends at S&M (900) there.

You know, I’ve been a part of FIRST going on 5 years, and I still don’t know where to go to see information about team lists for regionals during pre-season. I don’t know if my old team is gonna be there, because I’ve been too busy with college to check up on em yet. I will however be mentoring. In anycase, I’ll most likley drive down for the weekend, because I missed the last one and I really regret it. I watched the whole thing via webcast at least, it was really awesome. I can’t wait for the new season. :slight_smile:

Here you go:


Much thanks sir!

Well it seems that 845 is possibly going. They’re on the “pending list.” I hope so, otherwise, I’ll still probably go. See you all there! :slight_smile:

By the way, since I know folks are now in the process of making travel arrangements, I figured it’d be smart to point out a few things.

  1. Anything out towards Harbison Boulevard will be a good twenty minutes from the Colonial Center. If you get stuck in rush hour, plan on it taking closer to 30. Staying out on Harbison does have its advantages, though. There’s plenty of food, shopping, hardware stores (Lowe’s and Home Depot, and Northern Tool and Equipment is one exit off), and entertainment in that area.
  2. Unless I’m completely missing a hotel, the only hotel within walking distance of the Colonial Center is the Holiday Inn on Assembly Street, about two blocks away as the crow flies.
  3. On the subject of vehicles, I’d highly suggest bringing vans or something else that doesn’t require several parking spaces. Last year, the parking lots by the Colonial Center were not closed off from USC students, which meant it was a bit of a scramble to find parking even for a normal car. If you have to get a bus, get there early. (The Russell House, USC’s student union about three blocks away, opens up around 7:00 for breakfast. The walk will get the blood flowing.)
  4. Folks flying in: Columbia’s airport has free wi-fi. Celebrate or groan, depending on your team policy.
  5. The road construction mess from last year is done. Thank goodness.

If anyone needs to know anything about this town, I’m glad to answer. :slight_smile:

Team 1676, Rookie Allstars in Trenton in 2005, will be attending the Palmetto Regional this year! Looking forward to it!

For my own curiousity… no dancing?!? :ahh:

The story goes back as far as the Palmetto Regional itself.

One of the rules about Team Socials is that you can’t dance. (Something about an incident a few years ago where a kid got hurt.) So the folks running the Team Social posted signs all over the courtyard in Swearingen (where it’s held) reading

Dancing is not

For some reason, people found it humorous. Several turned up at the 2004 Championship a few weeks later, and team 900 had one laminated and had it on their robots ever since.

I can’t wait for this competition–and I haven’t even seen the robots yet!

Has anyone noticed that we’re now playing host to 45 teams?!

It seemed a little tight last year with 42 (to the point that 1618 and 1650 were off in a corner by the inspection station). Does anyone remember any wide-open spaces that were left that way last year, or should we tell the folks at USC Vehicle Management (whose main area is directly out of the Colonial Center’s back door) that we’re putting the practice field in their lot? :wink: