2006 Peachtree Regional

So who is ready for some FUN?

Me. This year is going to be so much fun. And we are back at Jillians which is always fun.
Whatdifferent hotels are you guys staying at for the regional?

i hope someone can Internet (wireless) working

Waz up santosh. One question for you, are you ready for the chimera attack again? Hey can’t wait to see you guys and compete. :smiley:

116 is exited to be making our first trip to the Peachtree regional, see everyone there!

The 2006 Peachtree Regional ended this afternoon and everything seemed to go smoothly. The matches were completed on time or even a little early. We had 45 total teams competing with teams 1057, 1414 & 1261 as the competition winners.

Dave Lavery did a fantastic job as the team announcer for each match. He even donned green plastic hair, a black cape and a colorful umbrella for a few of the team introductions (see the image galery).

Sir Charles, our fantastic match announcer did a great job again and today was also his birthday.

Oh yeah, team 1002 won the Peachtree Chairman’s award for the 3rd straight year. We have a great group of hard working teachers, mentors & students.

Hey, great Regional, guys. Congrats to Wheeler for winning the Chairman’s award again.

Congrats to the 2006 Champions

The first ever all Georgia Alliance champions

what a great event, again! The Vex tourney was awesome on Thursday. The other five referees and I made it up on the ramp so I still want my doughnuts and/or steak dinner, pay up Dave :). Sir Charles still rocks, but for all that are wondering this year’s catch phrase is “BOOYA” (he told me he didn’t take it from Jim Cramer). 1261, what an impressive swerve drive, going from one ramp to the other in a few seconds while dodging a few robots and balls in your way…it was just impressive. can’t wait for 2k7!

That 1261 end-to-end dash was the most impressive move I saw this weekend. With mere seconds remaining, 1261 was being pinned on top of the opposing alliance’s ramp, got away and made an unbelievable mad dash across the field, somehow not tipping over on the way up his ramp. Anyone remember what match number that was?


Congrats to Peachtree idge for making it 2 in a row at 1st place and to 1057 for making it 2 out of 3 years on top. Ad congrats to iHOT for that simple and effective design that helped compelte this amazing trio.
And hey Cory, yeah we were ready for Chimera’s deadly attack, you guys were awesome.
This year was so much fun.

I was NOT disappointed by the robots at ALL!

Every team had something they could accomplish, and accomplish well, it was AW SOME. The team work and stargazing was incredible.

Cory - thanks for choosing us :smiley: :smiley:

Ihot, i think i owe some of you guys a few cookies? haha see you guys before championships maybe

That match was probably one of the most amazing displays of agile mobility I have seen in a FIRST competition. We were all convinced that 1261 had been hiding their talents up to that point, and finally decided to really show their capabilities. And when they did, was it ever impressive!

All of Team FRC116/FVC18 had a great time at the Peachtree regional - they know how to do it right in Duluth! It was a great competition, and a lot of fun.

Although I wish I had been able to give away the donuts, I guess that just leaves more for me…


Is there video of this somewhere? that sounds absolutely mindblowing!

We believe the mad dash happened in Match #50.

Congratulations to our alliance partners Team 1414 and Team 1057. 1414’s autonomous and 1057’s amazing defense were the keys to our success.

that round was amazing

I must admit, you guys had an amazing alliance. Once you guys knew we could shoot, after holding it in all competition (aka fixing), 1057 played some really good defence on us. Their awsome pushing power was very very scary :ahh: :stuck_out_tongue: Pushed our 6x6 up the ramp SIDEWAYS!
Good match! Lots of fun taking you guys on!

Mr. Lavery,
I would like to take some of those donuts off your hands. You can just bring them to the championships in Atlanta :smiley: :smiley:

OK team1261, if that mad dash was during match 50, that means that move gave your alliance the win in that match. Now the big question…Does anyone have a video of that match and final move they can post? I don’t know if SOAP will have Peachtree videos or not this year.


The Ptree Regional was absolutely awesome this year. I am sad that it is over, but i have alot of great memories that will be with me always.

I really liked many of the robots. 1414 has come a long way since their first year. I only wish we had made it to the nationals. This season was my last before i graduate and i was really hoping to attend them at least once.

Does anybody have match videos from this regional?

My favorite part of the regionals, aside from watching the final rounds and barking at my teammates in the pit and on the field(:D), was collecting all those snazzy buttons from different teams. I’d love to repeat the past 4 days a couple of times. Some of those teams had some very interesting ways of showing their school spirit too, like Triple Strange (1533) had that superhero guy with the blue tights and silver cape, and another team had a wizard guy and someone dressed like an alligator.

Well, although we were a rookie team this year, I kinda felt that we could’ve done a bit better. There were always little things that messed us up, especially in that second round when somehow the two guys that were putting the robot on the field forgot to put the balls in. I was already stressed and that was just about my breaking point. Then near the end of the day, my alliance got a 25 point penalty and that was it for me. I went outside and sat on that bridge nearly in tears for about an hour. But all in all, with the stress, frustration and me almost shoving a foot-long screwdriver down the captain’s trachea:rolleyes:, I had a really great time, and Jillian’s was beyond awesome. I’ve never seen anything like it. And I learned how to socialize! I’ve always been so bad at that. Hah. :yikes:

By the way, thanks to the CircuitRunners for your help. Jeremy, if you’re anywhere on CD and see this, Ms. Manuel says you rock:D

Yeah congratulations to 1414, 1251 and 1057. That was by far the hardest alliance we had to defend against the whole regional.