2006 Pennsylvania Robot Challenge (PARC)

Where: Tunkhannock Area High School
When: Saturday May 13, 2006
Entrance Fee: Usually around $250, yet to be decided
Agenda: TBA
Max. Teams: 40

Registration will open at a later date.

If you plan on attending feel free to post here. :slight_smile:

Team 104 has briefly talked about this in a meeting. However, we have not entirely made a decision yet. We are still looking into and and we hope we can make it possible. I look forward to talking to our insturctor about this some more and hopefully we will be there!

We maybe will attend again, who knows, I had a blast during my FIRST time MCing last year, maybe I could do it again, who knows, only Team 222 does.

Rock On!

Team 61 loves coming to this event. If you want to go to a nice run event you need to go to this one.

This team has come a long way since there first competition they put on. They have a big of pit area, good food, nice people and if you stay over night there is lots to do. We love the go-carts and mini putt golf. :slight_smile:

Of course 25 will be there…


Put a 1712 on the list …
I’ll figure out the money and logistics in my free time :slight_smile:

As always, you can count on Team 341 to be there!!

PA Robot Challenge is a Classic Event, run by great folks!

Please put our pit table next to Kressly so that we can bug him all day long!!! :smiley:

Registration for PARC IX is now officially open. Don’t wait Register your team today. http://www.tigertrons.com/PARC/register.htm

also you can visit our website and let us know what you think.

Remember we are limiting the field to 40 teams. Don’t miss out on your spot!

We just registered. Can’t wait to play at PARC!!!

We will be distributing flyers for PARC IX at the VCU regional this coming weekend. Officially registered teams so far are 222, 303, 341, and 1721. If you are not officially registered and plan to attend please do so via our website. http://www.tigertrons.com/PARC/register.htm

See you all at the PARC and remember registration fills up quick after the regionals. Good Luck teams!

hey Cliff, that should be 1712 - I may have had thick fingers when I registered :wink:

I’ll let the website team know to change 1721 to 1712 when we get back from VCU. The current team list is now 61, 222, 303, 341, & 1712.

This is one of the best off season events. Gets better and better each year! Highly Recommended for every team, no matter how far you have to travel!! :smiley:

team list is now 61, 222, 303, 341, 522, & 1712

I’ll be there…if you guys need a volunteer to do whatever I’m there

I don’t consider a FIRST season complete without a trip to the PARC!!!

Add 423 to the list of teams registered for PARC. We will be looking for a good number of volunteers to help with field resest and reffing. I will have a better idea of how many volunteers we will need shortly.

Mmm…can’t wait for PARC. Was amazing fun last year :slight_smile:

BUT that was with tetras…this year…with balls flying everywhere…a whole new dimension of fun has been added :wink:

Pretty sure team 225 is coming. We’ve talked about it…

We got the registration for 225. Still plenty of spots for other teams. registration closes May 6, 2006

Team 1640 just joined the list of competitors.