2006 Playing Field

This took a lot of hard work, but our practice field is finally done! Thanks to all of our mentors and parents for contributing their time.

Nice work!

Do you have any more pictures? If so, we’d all love to see them. (Just upload them to the image galleries.)

That was finished quick!

The only problem you may have is simulating the ramp realistically, but it shouldn’t effect your testing results that much.

I am curious, how similar is wood compared to diamond plate as a ramp. Is it possible that one or the other would be easier for your robot to climb onto?

Depends on what kind of wheels you have. But my guess is that diamond plate would be easier since it has bumps for extra support, yet the material is slippery. Good question…

i think diamond plate would be harder to climb, especially if you bot is designed for carpet.

I do agree that the diamond plate would be harder to climb. Is the field all built at the right dimensions? the center ramp looks a little small compared to the one my team built today. I noticed you didn’t build the sides to the center ramp, I guess it isn’t necessary as long as it’s kept in mind during practice.

The aztechs are tryin 2 build a field, but we r have a few questions. The compitionion manual says that the ramp is at a 30 degree angle, but at the kickff the ramp appeared to be at a much steeper angle. So what we were wondering is if the wood actlaly sat at 30 degree angle or if it mabe a 30 degree angle on the inside.

The angle of the ramp is actually 30 degrees. I know it sounds small but believe me, once you construct it it will be very steep!

We are currently trying to obtain some diamond plated metal sheets. This should help us simulate the actual texture of the ramp.

Question: Would rubber tank tracks work better at climbing steep hills?

We are currently trying to post more pics! We have one of the corner goal and also one of the center ramp leading up to the center goal. We will try to constantly post pics to aid other teams who are also trying to construct a practice field! Good luck to all of you guys!

See you at nationals!

Lots of people took digital pics at our kickoff. Here are some close-ups that might help you with the construction of your practice field






About the Diamond Plate. It is harder to climb then you would expect At the VCU Kick-off they had the center goal done and when we tried to actually get on it it was harder then you would expected even with the bumps.

Guys, I would suggest using a transparent board, exactly like in the Video. Use perspecs material, because you might have a big problem with your camera during the real game.