2006 Pneumatics Kit

PneumaticsFIRST has released a good powerpoint presentation on the 2006 kit. Looks like it will be the same as the 2005 kit.


The manual and order form will be posted soon.

nice =) thanks for the find :smiley:

A little sneak peak cool…

Andy, et al,

The 2006 manual is now posted (same link as Andy’s post). I see nothing special except that they added some coiled tubing to the kit…

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There’s apparently the same issue as before with the DP vs. DXP cylinders; they’re identical, except for the removable COTS mounting hardware (and the number on the label). If last year’s rules hold, where only the cylinders on the free order form are allowed, teams won’t be allowed to use perfectly adequate (DP) cylinders that their local distributors may have in stock.

Looking at the kit checklist, item KR47 (Main Regulator) is listed with a model number of R07-153-RNEAJ060, but then right below that there is a note that says “Verify part number is R07-153-NEAJ060”. Does anyone know which it should be? We got R07-153-RNEAJ060.

I know this is probably a FIRST official Q/A thing, but I was wondering if anyone else (mainly veteran teams) didn’t receive their compressors or if we are just missing ours?


We recieved a compressor and its on the KOP Checklist, It’s in a brown box.

Why did we recieve some 24 volt SMC solenoids?

I found that too. I searched the Manufacturer’s web site and came up with this: www.norgren.com/document_resources/USA/R07.pdf
From what it looks like it’s impossible for there not to be an R in the part number. If it started with ‘N’ then the “second number” (the ‘E’) would be discribing if it had a gauge or not, no such option according to the web site.
Plus ‘R’ means release Relieving valve (instead of non-relieving) so if the reg was hooked up to too much pressure it would overfill the output line = bad stuff happens.

Is there anything new that last years KOP in the section of pneumatics didn’t have that we have this year?

Yes, the flexible coiled pneumatic tubing is new for one.

Other than that, we haven’t inventoried the kit yet. But that jumped out at me as being new.

Coming from a rookie team, i’m not real clear on the options for air cylinders…
All the KOP provides is the one 1.5" bore cylinder. Is it ok to get any size bore/stroke length you need as long as it comes “off the shelf” as the manual says?

Well you get three air cylinders for FREE. They give you that option so you can order another three air cylinders that fit your desgin. Check the pneumatics manual and all the information is in there…

An additional valve from Festo.

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From the Pneumatics Manual -

You will again be able to order custom cylinders for your robot again this year. You have a choice of 3/4” bore (diameter), 1-
1/2” bore and 2” bore. You can order the amount of stroke you require